'So You Think You Can Dance' Spoilers: The Top 20
'So You Think You Can Dance' Spoilers: The Top 20
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There are mere hours until the official, live announcement of those dancers fortunate and talented enough to make the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance's season 8. But that might not be soon enough for some people. If you find yourself in that group, fear not! We have spoilers for you! In fact, we have spoilers identifying (maybe) all 20 of the dancers.

Seriously, these are spoilers. Don't read if you want to be surprised.

The identification of the SYTYCD Top 20 comes from OMG! Dance, which claims the identifications as originating from dance industry rumors. Since the site hasn't been wrong so far (the 10 dancers previously identified as Top 20 contestants are all still in the running), we're going to assume they know what they're talking about.

So who are the dancers? They are:

The Girls

  • Melanie Moore: Contemporary (showcased in the Atlanta auditions and seen intermittently in Las Vegas)
  • Miranda Maleski: Contemporary (not prominent enough to be memorable yet)
  • Ryan Ramirez: Contemporary (she of the banged-up tailbone)
  • Jordan Casanova: Jazz (the cute, innocent girl who essentially turns into a stripper onstage)
  • Sasha Mallory: Contemporary/Hip Hop (the thin half of the Mallory sisters)
  • Ashley Rich: Contemporary (she mentioned how cool it was that Debbie Allen liked her dancing during the Las Vegas auditions)
  • Caitlynn Lawson: Contemporary (name mentioned in Las Vegas)
  • Iveta Lukosiute: Ballroom (you know, the cop-stripper lady)
  • Missy Morelli: Contemporary Jazz (???)
  • Clarice Ordaz: Jazz (we saw her solo in Las Vegas)
The Guys

  • Ricky Jaime: Contemporary (can't place him)
  • Marko Germar: Contemporary/Jazz/Hip Hop (he's popped up a lot throughout the pre-season)
  • Jess LeProtto: Musical Theater/Broadway/Jazz (you remember the Broadway guy...)
  • Robert Taylor Jr.: Hip Hop (the guy with the great smile)
  • Nick Young: Tap (there was a tap dancer???)
  • Tadd Gadduang: Breakdancing (great audition, totally downplayed in Las Vegas)
  • Chris Koehl: Hip Hop (not sure)
  • Wadi Jones: Hip Hop/Breakdancing (featured prominently in Las Vegas)
  • Alexander Frost: Ballet (nope, no clue)
  • Mitchell ?: Contemporary (the spoiler didn't even know his last name, so it's safe to say we don't know who that is)
Is this the Top 20? If so, then we are sadly missing a few of the remaining, more prominent dancers. There does not seem to be a Professor on there. Nor does Natalia Mallory make the list. Will she get sick again, or will the judges just pass over a non-traditional dancer?

The answers will surely come tonight, when So You Think You Can Dance announces the official Top 20. Until then, enjoy the spoilers!

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Did your favorites make this Top 20 list? Do you believe it? Does the list give you a favorite to root for this season? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

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