'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Which Team Loses a Member Due to an Injury?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Which Team Loses a Member Due to an Injury?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
From the top 100, there are about to be 20 contestants left in season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance. In the third Academy episode, the final 30 dancers are slashed to 20 after a Sonya Tayek jazz routine. Then they must perform with their All-Stars before getting slashed again to just 10 for the live shows.

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Throw Your Fear Away

Sonya is not easy on the top 30. She teaches the group a jazz routine, and she pushes each dancer to keep trying. At one point, Kevin wants to give up, but Sonya tells him and all the dancers that they have to throw their fear away. She assures him that he deserves to be there, and he shouldn't have any doubts.

During the Sonya choreography, two members of Robert's team, Taylor and Jennifer, collide. Jennifer suffers a laceration to her eyebrow, which ultimately sends her home.

After Sonya works with the group, all of the contestants practice one more time with their All-Stars before performing.

And Then There Were Two

The 10 groups of three perform one by one, and after the performances, the All-Stars cut one member of the team. For most All-Stars, it's a tough decision. For Robert, it's an easy one, as an injured Jennifer decides she will go home to heal instead of hurting herself even more.

After Konkrete and Kiki perform with Riley, Jenna gives a stern talking to all of them, especially Konkrete since she saved him from Allison's team in the previous round. Ultimately, though, she does send Riley home.

The groups are as follows:

Marko -- Koine and Sofia
Gaby -- Lex and Evan
Paul -- Sydney and Kristina
Robert -- Jonathan and Taylor
Allison -- Zachary and Logan
Cyrus -- Kaylee and Havoc
Comfort -- Mark and Deja
Jasmine -- Howard and Robert
Fik-Shun -- Dassy and Kyle
Jenna -- Kevin (Konkrete) and Kiki

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All-Star Performances

The top 20 get to perform individually with their All-Stars to routines that their All-Stars choreographed. This allows not only the All-Star to get a sense of their contestants style but also allows them to see what kind of chemistry they will have during the live performances.

The last group to perform is Jenna's team. She does something a little different and choreographs to different routines to suit the style of Kiki and Konkrete. While both are fantastic, and both seem to have chemistry with Jenna, I think Konkrete really nails this round.

However, we won't know the results of the final round of the Academy until the next episode, which will be live. It's then that the Top 10 will be revealed before they perform live with their All-Stars. And then, of course, America gets to vote each week until another So You Think You Can Dance winner is crowned.

My Predictions

In my opinion, right now Kaylee and Konkrete are the standout performers. I do fear, however, that Konkrete will get inside his own head and worry that he won't be able to perform different styles. He did really well during the final round, so I think if Jenna picks him, she'll be able to work with him to get him to step outside his comfort zone. And Kaylee has had my eye since the auditions. I think if Cyrus picks her, she will definitely be able to adapt to the different styles with ease.

Who do you think the All-Stars will pick for the Top 10? Do you still think that Jenna made the right choice in saving Konkrete? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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