'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Top 20 Dancers of Season 9
'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Top 20 Dancers of Season 9
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Are you ready to meet the So You Think You Can Dance season 9 Top 20? Because it's time! After weeks of watching only auditions and callbacks, we get the names of the 20 dancers who will compete for the SYTYCD season 9 title. Find out who they are here!

Not only is this the night when the Top 20 are chosen, it's also the So You Think You Can Dance 200th episode! That's a lot of dancing. And of course, more dancing is required to celebrate this milestone. Apparently, guest host Zooey Deschanel is necessary as well.

Now, before we find out which dancers will be competing for our hearts and dancing preferences in SYTYCD season 9, why not take a look back at those dancers who have come before? FOX has put together a video featuring 200 dance moves in 200 seconds.

Again, this is a lot of dancing.

Will the performers of So You Think You Can Dance season 9 top their predecessors? Let's find out!

We will also find out what Cat Deeley will be wearing this season on So You Think You Can Dance. She seems to be starting out with a sparkly mini-dress in pink and silver. Of course it looks amazing on her. Typical...

And Zooey Deschanel is, in fact, at the judges' table. She's there for the live show though, so the New Girl isn't likely to make any important judging decisions.

Also, if you forgot, Nigel is ready to clarify the format for SYTYCD season 9. There will be two winners -- one guy and one girl.

After lots of screaming and tears -- and after a word from our sponsors -- the choices can actually be made...

Alexa Anderson hears her fate first. And... my feed decided to cut out the second they were about to announce their choice. Ugh. But a quick recap showed me that she did, in fact, make the Top 20.

George Lawrence Jr. is next. And he got in!

Will Thomas also got in. (from the LA auditions)

Megan Branch -- Alas, no. Oh well.

Colin Fuller got a "No" as well.

Amber Jackson (who made it here in season 6) is in the Top 20.

Alexa, George, Will and Amber -- all contemporary dancers -- have the first performance of the night. It involves benches. Also a lot of drama, but you probably knew that. This is contemporary, after all.

Will is "a big, tall man." And he is. Will is actually taller than Cat! Who knew such a thing would be possible? It seems to make Cat very happy.

Zooey Deschanel is very positive. I'm sure you're shocked by that.

The ballroom dancers are the ones getting their chance now. There are three of them left -- Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold and Nick Bloxom-Carter (or whatever -- I've never seen it written). He is the guy who danced in a tuxedo, with a cane, in Las Vegas.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter did, in fact, make the Top 20.

Next we get the girls:

Witney Carson is in the Top 20.


Lindsay Arnold is in the Top 20 too!

The blondies get to stay together forever!

Obviously So You Think You Can Dance is loving ballroom this year. And, with a performance choreographed by Jason Gilkison, it's easy to see why. They're all very good. Granted, I literally can't tell apart the two girls when they're dancing in matching costumes. But hey, that's kind of cool too!

The response includes much tamale-talk from Mary Murphy. Zooey agrees with me on the blonde clones.

The three ballet dancers are up next -- Daniel Baker, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Eliana Girard. The camera person really likes filming Eliana's expressions.

Eliana Girard and her blue-suede shoes make it into the Top 20.

Daniel Baker makes it in (thanks to consistency)

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp makes it in too -- pretty much because of that amazing Vegas solo.

The ballet dancers perform on a stage that starts out blue and then heads into black-and-white. Since they're all wearing reflective costumes, this looks super-cool. There's just something impressive about the discipline and training of ballet dancers... They also look really neat when they stop and pose.

The fact that both Daniel and Chehon gave up careers for this is repeated many times. I guess that is pretty incredible.

One more note about the ballet guys: Eye candy. Oh, the eye candy!

Tiffany Mayer and Audrey Case are the two jazz dancers up next.

Tiffany goes first. Apparently she was as invisible to the judges as she was to audiences. But they like her anyway -- Tiffany Mayer is in the Top 20.

And Audrey Case got in as well.

Wow -- that's 7 out of the 10 girls already.

The competition means that a bunch of girls don't get in -- Abigail Ruz, Kaitlyn Edgar, Katie Muth(?) and Rebecca Hart.

It's the belly dancer now -- Janelle Issis.

And Janelle Issis makes it in to the Top 20. And promptly runs into a door.

Yikes. She also got sick before the performance. So no belly-dancing tonight.

We get a jazz routine instead from Tiffany and Audrey. I think we have another case of twins here. Girls who look the same should never wear identical costumes. Thus, I have no idea if one was better than the other. The dance was cool for both -- let's leave it at that.

"You look like two dancing Pebbles!" -- Nigel Lythgoe

The guy who nearly killed himself with that backflip, Joshua Alexander, got cut. He was followed in the "no" category by Blake Z*** (sorry, there's no way I can spell that), Jasmine Mason and Daniel Kaneidas (?).

Matthew Kazmierczak (probably spelled totally wrong) -- a guy who looks a little but like Ryan Gosling -- is the next member of the Top 20.

He's followed into the Top 20 by another contemporary dancer, Dareian Kujawa.

There are briefly two spots left for girls. With three girls left. But then Janaya French gets into the Top 20, leaving Amelia Lowe and Jill Somebody. But we'll never find out that last name, since it's Amelia Lowe who makes it into the Top 20.

This contemporary dance does not involve benches. Otherwise, the moves are very similar. As you would expect for two four-person dances in the same style. This one does have a little less of the fling-yourself-about-the-stage to it. More restrained.

Only three spaces left for the guys now... And 7 guys to take them.

Cole Haribe (the crazy martial-arts guy) gets praised straight into the Top 20.

Aaron and Zack (no last names) -- both tappers -- both get sent home.

The two steppers left go in together -- Devon McCollough and Brandon Mitchell.

Devon gets sent home, leaving Brandon Mitchell in the Top 20.

Feliciano Turk and Cyrus Spencer are the last two awaiting their fates.

Feliciano Turk gets cut (despite a really good Vegas week).

Which means...

Cyrus Spencer takes the final spot in the So You Think You Can Dance season 9 Top 20.

The three guys -- Cole, Brandon and Cyrus -- give a multiple-style dance with a baseball theme. It's kind of incredibly awesome.

To sum up, here are the So You Think You Can Dance season 9 Top 20:

Top 10 Girls
Alexa Anderson
Amber Jackson
Witney Carson
Lindsay Arnold
Eliana Girard
Tiffany Mayer
Audrey Case
Janelle Issis
Janaya French
Amelia Lowe

Top 10 Guys
George Lawrence Jr.
Will Thomas
Nick Bloxsom-Carter
Daniel Baker
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Matthew Kazmierczak
Dareian Kujawa
Cole Haribe
Brandon Mitchell
Cyrus Spencer

After some promotion for the third annual Dance Day (July 28), we get to see the Top 10 Girls perform together (minus Janelle, I guess) in a routine choreographed by Travis Wall.

There's a door. It leads to the afterlife. Sure, whatever. Considering that they start out all kind of looking like they're dead, it seems to me that that door might be going the wrong direction. Other than that, the only thing wrong with this performance is some dull music. Super-cool ending though, as they all run through the door!

The Top 10 Guys get a routine from Sonya Tayeh. The guys are half-naked. Thus, I love this dance. I also like that Sonya refers to them as "having a pack of men" who she wants "to eat them up." As for the dance itself, the group dancing isn't as stunning as some, but it does give each individual a chance to shine intermittently. There's also a move that reminds me of dragon dancers in a Chinese parade.

The final performance of a night is a Mia Michaels-choreographed dance for the Top 20. It's kind of dark. Not dark in terms of mood -- more in terms of costuming. Black, plain clothes with sunglasses (which must make it awfully hard to dance on a dimly lit stage). The dance itself is quite good. It's jerky and not as trick-filled as many. But it's compelling and has a very "let's celebrate!" feeling.

WARNING: There is no So You Think You Can Dance next week (July 4) -- the first competitive show will air on Wednesday, July 11.

What do you think of the So You Think You Can Dance season 9 Top 20? Who are your favorites? Is there anyone you were sad to see go? Leave your comments below!

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