So You Think You Can Dance: Ranking the Top 3 Males
I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  They get me from the beginning every season.  I'm invested in the dancers, I have heated debates with my friends, like some of you.  When Hok went out just before they crowned the top 10, I almost threw something at my television.  Dominic's departure last week was coming but it made me sad, nonetheless.  He had really shown growth and proved a lot of people wrong.  This week, it's a tough call ranking the top male dancers.  It's bound to generate a debate but read on to see how I rank the top male dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

#3 - Pasha Kovalev

A lot of people feel that Pasha should be ranked first.  However, while spectacular in ballroom, he doesn't cut it in contemporary and hip hop.  As Mary Murphy said, his Wade Robson peace solo two weeks ago really exposed him as lacking diversity.   Though a great dancer, he fails to move or excite me and for that, I have to rank him third.  Don't get me wrong, I do like Pasha.  I just think he's gone as far as he can go.

#2 - Neil Haskell

Like Lauren, I've been a fan of Neil from the beginning.  His leaps never fail to impress me.  Neil started to show up on everyone's radar the week he did the jazz piece with Lauren about the innocent girl and the devilish man.  Combine that with solid performances since and throw on that Mia Michaels contemporary piece he did last week with Lacey and he proves that he deserves to be sitting in the final four.

#1 - Danny Tidwell

Unfortunately, too often and like many shows of its kind, this competition becomes about who we like best and not about the best talent.  Danny is hands down, and without a doubt, the best technical dancer.  Mia Michaels feels he will be in the history books and I wouldn't doubt it.  I feel Danny also deserves some credit since he got killed by the judges for weeks for his arrogant attitude and tried to turn it around.   If we're going to base this on dancing ability, Danny deserves it.  If we're going with personality, then I'll go with Neil.

Are you with me?  Is your blood boiling?  Give your opinion on how you'd rank these three and let us know who deserves to go to final four.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)