'So You Think You Can Dance' Predictions: Which Top 8 Dancers Are Safe?
'So You Think You Can Dance' Predictions: Which Top 8 Dancers Are Safe?
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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The performances from the So You Think You Can Dance top 10 were incredible. We were also treated to the return of the All-Stars! Alas, we had to say farewell to two more dancers. Tucker Knox was placed in danger because he was unable to dance last week due to his injury. The three remaining dancers in the bottom were Jenna Johnson, Makenzie Dustman and Nico Greetham. In a decision that judge Nigel Lythgoe said was not unanimous in the case of the girls, it was decided that Makenzie Dustman and Nico Greetham would leave the competition.

It is never easy, but let's try and decipher the future of our favorite dancers.

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The Best of the Night

Paul Karmiryan and All-Star Witney's cha-cha was excellent! It was steamy and sultry and everything that one could wish for in a cha-cha routine. Hopefully, Mary Murphy gave them a first-class ticket when they boarded the hot tamale train. They certainly earned it.

In a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore, DuShaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall was paired with All-Star Melanie. The premise of the number dealt with the shenanigans that result when a former lover comes back to visit. This routine had it all -- personality, technique and some seriously steamy action. It also earned a standing ovation from the judges.

In one of the quirkiest numbers of the night, Jasmine Harper was joined by All-Star Marko for a Ray Leeper jazz routine. In this number, which required the dancers to dance the majority of the time side by side, both Jasmine and Marko were clad in matching suits. Jasmine killed it! It was, by far, one of my favorite routines of the night.

Tucker Knox and All-Star Robert danced a Travis Wall contemporary piece, which was incredibly emotional. Both dancers survived near-fatal accidents, and the piece was about second chances. It was fantastic.

Who Is In Danger?

I enjoyed almost all of the routines, but there were a few that didn't quite live up to the others. I thought that Hayley Erbert's hip-hop number with All-Star tWitch fell a bit short. Hayley's swag seemed to arrive a bit late in the routine, and she might have been overshadowed a bit by tWitch's charisma.

Jenna Johnson and All-Star Neil danced a contemporary Mandy Moore piece about a relationship that is falling apart. I felt like there was a lack of connection between these partners, and because of this it was hard to focus on the actual dancing. Once again, I am sure I am in the minority as Jenna and Neil received a standing ovation from the judges.

Amy Yakima and All-Star Brandon performed a fun and fast disco routine that was filled with lifts and tricks. This routine was simply not a stand-out for me.

Aaron Turner danced a Stacey Tookey contemporary number with All-Star Kathryn. Yes, it was beautiful and moving, but I did not connect with it as much as the other numbers. The judges praised the chemistry between Aaron and Kathryn, so I am not sure why I didn't feel it.

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Who Should Worry?

Jenna Johnson has been habitually in the bottom tier of dancers for many weeks. I think that next week will be Jenna's last week in the competition. For some reason, viewers are just not connecting with her. As for the guys, I think that we will be saying goodbye to Tucker Knox. His performance was beautiful, but I again think that his recent injury could hurt him with viewers, sort of like "out of sight, out of mind." He has been in the bottom before, so I think he is more likely to be cut than the other remaining guys.

Is your favorite dancer safe to dance another day? Keep watching and find out!

So You Think You Can Dance airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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