So You Think You Can Dance: How Will Elimination Go for the First Two Weeks?
Next week, So You Think You Can Dance gets on with the real deal: with this season's Top 20 announced tomorrow night, we'll start that long journey of amazing routines and painful eliminations.  But the first two weeks are going to be a bit weird.

You see, the World Series kicks off next week, so next Wednesday, and the Wednesday after that, there'll be no elimination show.  We'll have the meet-the-top-20 show on Monday night, and the performances the following night.  Our next dose of SYTYCD will be the following Tuesday, with the Top 18 performances.  But we won't know who'll be eliminated until then.  So what's happening again?

I've been hearing that, even if there will be no elimination show for the next two Wednesdays, four dancers will still be going home.  Nigel Lythgoe supposedly said that the judges will choose who to eliminate in those two weeks.  (It's an odd thing to say, because after all, the judges do all the eliminating before the Top 10 is formed.  We only get to choose the people they'll choose from.)

Here's what I think will happen: we still get to vote, although we won't know who'll be eliminated until the following week.  In other words, we watch the Top 20 performances and vote (the lines are open for a few hours only, anyway), and the judges eliminate two from the 20 on Top 18 performance night.  Maybe a pre-recorded segment before the actual dances kick in, so those two will be saved the hassle of rehearsing a routine, only to know they've been kicked.

But seeing the official episode synopsis for Top 18 performance night (which airs on November 3) has me a little more confused.  "Additionally, two more dancers--one male and one female--are eliminated tonight," it said, and from how I understand it, it means they're eliminating two more dancers from the Top 18 on the same night.  This must be where Nigel's supposed "total control" line comes in.  I've been looking around and I can't find anything official about how the first two eliminations will happen.  In the end, I am confused.

Well, those are my thoughts anyway.  And yours?  What do you think will happen?  Will it work?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)