Sabra Johnson Confirms She is Not From Boise
19-year old Sabra Johnson, one of the 20 finalists on the second season of So You Can Think You Can Dance, said on Tuesday that she has never once lived in Boise, Idaho.

The confusion regarding Johnson’s residential history was caused by an article posted on the Fox network’s KTRV website. Part of the article read:
“On (So You Think You Can Dance), Sabra Johnson is said to be from Utah. The fact is Utah is where she learned to dance, but her family moved to Boise a few years ago and now she's well on her way to proving a small town girl can perform along side the best in the country.”

The article also contained an interview with Johnson’s mother, Robyn Beiderman, who apparently hopes residents of Idaho will cast their votes for her daughter.

"So many people watch this show and they'll randomly select someone to vote for,” Beiderman said. “But there is somebody that they can at least tie to Boise and say, even if we don't know this child, we'll vote for her.”

Johnson’s sister, Daria, was also quoted in the article. "I'm just so proud of her, words can't explain. I tell everybody that she's my sister, that she's on a national television show. I'm hoping and praying that she's going to win, but if things don't work out the way we expect, then she's always going to be first to me anyway.”

In an interview with Scott D. Pierce of the Deseret Morning News, Johnson denied having taken up residence in Boise, Idaho, but confirmed that both her mother and sister live there.

“I know my mom is just trying to help me out," Johnson told Pierce. “That went all crazy. But, really, I've never lived there.”

Johnson, who has been dancing since she was 16 years old, moved from her hometown of Roy, Utah to Las Vegas after she completed her high school studies. It was there that she worked as an instructor and as a go-go dancer at Mandalay Bay. Prior to trying out for So You Think You Can Dance, Johnson had planned on becoming a dancer for a cruise liner.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


(Photo Courtesy of Fox)