Exclusive Interview: So You Think You Can Dance's Sandra Colton (Part 2)
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Who would you say were your main musical influences growing up were?

It’s funny, because when I was growing up we’d be taking singing lessons, we’d sing a lot of Broadway show tunes (laughs).  So, as far as musical influences growing up I would probably say all the Broadway musicals that were out, like “Les Miserables” or “Phantom of the Opera”.  But I also loved Whitney Houston and Paula Abdul and Janet, of course, because those are the types of artists that I wanted to be and I wanted to have that kind of lifestyle where you just tour and you're on the road and you have audiences and they're singing your songs.

How would you describe your sound?  Is there a current artist today that you would compare yourself to?

What’s funny is that I don’t try to compare myself to anybody, because I want people to recognize me as my own person, as my own personal artist. But I’d say that my sound is more urban pop with a sultry sizzle, because I feel like it combines kind of the Janet with  that kind of rhythmic sound.

I know you’ve been promoting your album pretty hard and doing a lot of different performances.  What are some of the highlights that you’ve had over the past year? Do you have any crazy stories you could tell? I know you’ve preformed with some pretty big names.

One of the most fun things that I had was with Cedric the Entertainer on HBO because he is hilarious, like really, really, really, funny and he’s not just like, “Hey, I’m going to be on when I’m on stage.”  He is just really a generally funny guy and he just made that whole experience with him all that more fun just because he was just a really nice person that made everybody laugh like every single time he was in the room.

One of the other ones that was really fun was going to Norway with Rhianna because it was the Nobel Peace Prize concert, and it was with Wynona and Paulina Rubio, who I had just worked with on Jay Leno, and Rhianna of course.  And, oh God, John Legend, who we spent time with afterwards because he had a concert and we went to his after-party and he was amazing on stage, but he’s even a nice person which is great to hear about certain people that you work with. Then, Lionel Richie was there and Sharon Stone was there, it was like star-studded and they were all super super nice down to earth people that really were, you know, honored to be at this particular event, because it was the Nobel Peace Prize concert. I felt like we were all part of something, but it was really cool at the same time, you know?

So, when does your album drop?

We are scheduled for February 14 and we’re doing a few shows here in LA to promote it during the Grammy week.  February 10th I’m performing at Ivar and we’re doing a fashion show combined with my performance that’s going to showcase Original Girl clothing line too, at that particular performance.  And then I’m doing another performance on February 16th at Element, which is one of the hotter LA clubs right now.  And then we’re working on some more promo dates around the country and I know there’s one at Avalon in April and one in Las Vegas I think in February.  So yeah, we’re just on the daily grind trying to make sure that everybody knows about it and hopefully they’ll bring me to their city to perform.

Any plans to come back up to Seattle?

I wish.  I know my friend actually said that there’s some club up there, is it the, not Voodoo, Venom. Is there a club Venom? Yeah, my friend spins there and he was saying that maybe I need to come up and do a performance there.  But it used to be called something else…

Yeah, it was Medusa before.

Medusa, yeah, cause I know I had gone there for another party, that was like a clothing line had a party there.

That would be awesome.  If you came up to Seattle, you definitely have to hook BuddyTV up with some VIP.

(laughs) Riiight! I’m still waiting for my tee shirt….

Besides, once the album drops, what’s in store for you for the rest of the year? Do you have a lot of different things lined up as far as going on tour?

You know, right now we’re trying to get me put onto a tour as far as like an opening act with, you know, somebody of like the Omarion status, just because that would be perfect for me to be on you know a summer tour like that.  There’s no other real artists that are out right now that I would really fit with, cause I know that Christina Aguilera is touring with Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake is touring with Pink.  I don’t know if Janet’s going to end up touring, there’s a lot of people who are out but just not necessarily the right fit.  I think that would be a perfect fit and I know that we’re trying to work on that one, so, that would be my ultimate goal is to go on tour with somebody whose in the same kind of genre as far as music and whose like an Omarion type or a Marcus Houston, somebody of that nature who has the whole dance background as well.  They would be a perfect fit.

Was there anything that you wanted to highlight, anything that you wanted to talk about?

The only that I wanted to say, besides all the stuff that’s there, is that a lot of people think that they can’t come out with an album unless they are a signed artist and, although its great to be a signed artist and have that kind of backing, which is technically what I would love to end up having is a record deal and being signed to Virgin or Atlantic or whatever, what people need to realize that it is possible.  That sometimes being an independent artist is much better for when you're starting to figure out who you really are, you know what I mean, like if you are given a persona by a major label and you end up not fulfilling that for whoever it is that’s given it to you, or if people don’t like it when you come out as an artist, then that sucks, cause that’s your first time out. If you can be your own person and develop whatever it is your personality or whatever the artist persona that you’re trying to put out there, and the music and with that as well, it’s sometimes better for you and, for me, that’s kind of been helpful in trying to establish myself in the dance community first, because that’s where people kind of knew me from, and then branch off from that.


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