Exclusive Interview: Jesus Solorio, Top 16 Finalist on So You Think You Can Dance
Exclusive Interview: Jesus Solorio, Top 16 Finalist on So You Think You Can Dance
Had you asked a fan of So You Think You Can Dance on Monday who would be eliminated later in the week, the concesus choice likely would've been Cedric Gardner.  Very few, if any, people would have guessed Jesus Solorio.  Jesus had been a stand out performer over the first three weeks, receiving nary a critique from the judges.  That is why, then, it was such a humongous surprise last night when Nigel Lythgoe, without giving much of an explanation, told Jesus he'd be going home.  Jesus was nice enough to stop by earlier today and talk about his time on So You Think You Can Dance.

Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview.



What made you initially want to try out for So You Think You Can Dance, were you a fan of the show beforehand?

Initially, I didn't watch the first season, the second season is what got me inspired, and I just said, “This is my chance to show my dancing, my ability, my blessing”, and I wanted to share it, and I wanted to inspire people and let them know no dream is to big to accomplish, to reach.  That’s pretty much why I did it.

From your first audition on through Vegas, what was that experience, that journey like?  Were you confident in your chances to make the top 20 that whole time?

Yeah, I thought I...I had a good feeling I would make it to top 20, and so that’s what got me hyped even more, cause I had a feeling, and I’m a hard worker, so I just worked hard the whole time and it paid off, it paid off.

What was your very first reaction when you got partnered with Sarah?

Well actually we, Sarah and I, talked about it before going, once we arrived at the airport we talked about it and said we would be partnering each other.  And when we walked through the door, sure enough she was standing there.  I was excited, I was excited because I knew what she could do.

Was it ever difficult, especially last week, dancing with her since she never really had done partnering stuff before?

No actually it wasn't, there was a couple moments that I had a hard time, but no, she got on it, and she worked hard, she just became a different person.  So, yeah, it was easy after that.

Last night's show was a pretty wild show in general, why do you think you were eliminated last night?

Honestly, I have no idea.  I thought I did everything that I could do that the choreographers asked, it just has to do with popularity from America, you know, your favorite dancer, obviously.  So I don't know, I honestly don't know.

It has to be frustrating because you and Sarah had been given praise pretty much throughout the entire season. I don't think the judges said one negative thing about you until the moment before you were eliminated, so how frustrating is that?

It's frustrating because not even at the last moment did they say a negative thing, at the last minute they still said something positive, they said, “You didn't miss a step, you did everything right”.  And, so that’s what kind of got me, I was like “Really?  Why am I going home?”.  But, it's all for a reason and it's all fun, it's all fun.

Do you wish you had something different with your solo routine?

Actually, I was very satisfied with my solo routine.  I thought about doing something very technical.  I think I can do whatever Danny and Neil did, I believe I can do myself, but I was going for something different and that I knew I could do, and I did do it, and I think I accomplished that.

Jesus, what have you got planned for the future for yourself?

Well I’m going to be moving back to LA.  And, I’m going to try and work professionally again now that I’ve got my face out there.  I’m hoping to get work and just work on my singing and my acting and well, go on from there.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)
(Image Courtesy of FOX)