'Smash' Video Previews from 'The Cost of Art,' Guest Starring Nick Jonas
'Smash' Video Previews from 'The Cost of Art,' Guest Starring Nick Jonas
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
We're only three episodes in and it's time for our first big guest star on Smash! Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers fame) will be stopping by in episode 4, "The Cost of Art." He will be playing a character whom the Marilyn team wants to invest in the musical.

There's a lot more that'll be happening in next Monday's episode, as evident by these clips that NBC has released to get our excitement going ahead of its airdate.

First up, Eileen (Anjelica Huston) is trying to persuade Nick Jonas' character, Lyle, to buy a piece of artwork, but that's just a not-so-subtle cover for what her true intentions are:

Next, what happens when you're oversinging while part of the ensemble? And we see the start of Ivy's deception to get rid of Karen:

Uh oh! Yet another person finds out about Derek and Ivy's sexual rendezvous:

Nick Jonas tries to shed his childhood boy band persona when playing opposite Megan Hilty's Ivy:

As we already know, Ivy has snagged the role of Marilyn. And in this clip, we see her channeling the icon yet again while performing "Wolf to Howl," an original song:

Finally, you don't have a singer guest star on a musical show and not have him song. So here's Nick Jonas covering the fantastic Michael Buble hit, "Haven't Met You Yet":

Besides "Wolf to Howl" and "Haven't Met You Yet," two other songs will be featured in the episode, "History is Made at Night" (an original) and "Rumor Has It."

And here's a TV spot promo for "The Cost of Art":

According to FOX, in episode 4, "Karen must learn to advance in the high-stakes world of Broadway, as Derek hosts a party for hot young star Lyle. Eileen tries a sly new strategy for raising funds, while Tom goes on a first date."

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

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