'Smash' Video and Song Previews from 'Tech'
'Smash' Video and Song Previews from 'Tech'
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Everything's coming down to the wire. Tensions are high. And the drama keeps heating up. Will Rebecca Duvall be able to handle the pressure of the musical? Will we see a familiar face return? And what question does Dev have to ask Karen?

Six preview clips and a song have been released ahead of tonight's episode, "Tech."

According to NBC, tonight "Bombshell moves to Boston. Ivy faces trouble as Derek finds himself drawn ever closer to Rebecca Duvall (special guest Uma Thurman), while Karen reaches a turning point -- she must choose between Dev and the show. Eileen faces off against Julia over the possible return of Michael Swift. Sam brings Tom into the biggest battle of all -- family dinner."

With the debut of Bomshell right around the corner, everyone in the cast is on edge, especially Rebecca Duvall, who is really feeling the pressure:

The pressure on Rebecca may be too much for her to handle, so Derek does his best to calm her down:

Do you remember back in the pilot when Karen sang Marilyn's "Happy Birthday" to Derek in his apartment? Well, now it's Rebecca's time to pull off that number for, again, Derek. Does she do it as well as Karen?

Last week, we briefly saw a new actor as Joe DiMaggio. (He wasn't mentioned, but we could figure it out by the song he was singing as the camera passed by.) But it looks like he drops out (what is it with this DiMaggio role going through actors left and right?), so Michael Swift may be brought back in. Uh oh!

It looks like someone may be getting married! But first, will she say yes to the proposal?

Finally, Ivy gets emotional when she performs "I'm Going Down." Did she do the song justice?

And here is audio for an original song, "Stand," that will be performed in this episode.

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

(Image, videos and song courtesy of NBC)