'Smash' Recap: Who Wants to Be a Marilyn?
'Smash' Recap: Who Wants to Be a Marilyn?
This week is preview week in Boston! A lot of emotions, a lot of excitement, a lot of expectations. So you know a slightly cheesy TV drama will milk every ounce of it and turn it into addictive schmaltzy goodness. How did it all go down?

New Lovers

Dev and Ivy wake up side by side in the same hotel. "I'm not gonna tell anybody," they assure each other. But as Al Swarengeon would say on Deadwood, "Announcing your plans is a good way to make God laugh." But as Ivy is navigating her own adulterous terrain, Derek is not far behind, either, what with his whole affair with film star Duvall and all. Sensing Ivy's jealousy and hurt feelings, our good-hearted Karen tries to intervene with the film star, advising her about Ivy's relationship with the director. "I just don't want anyone to get hurt," she whispers. "Then let's get out of show-business," answers the star dryly. Which might actually be good advise.

Radio Silence

Julia still doesn't want to talk to Tom (and this would be a good place to repeat the Al Swarengeon quote). She is also skeptical about the success of the first preview. But for all intents and purposes, the preview seems to go pretty well. The audience seems to enjoy it, and even Julia musters up a smile. Julia is not smiling, however, when she confronts Tom about bringing back Michael. In a very emotional scene, she even breaks up her writing partnership with him. Backstage, Ivy and Karen confess to each other how good they thought each other were on stage. Which is an ironic moment because we all know what heavy of a secret stands between them.

Bad Ending?

Marilyn, as we all know, dies. And so she does in the musical: she dies at the end. The problem is, it's a little depressing, so the audience response is a little lukewarm. Might the suicide ending be the reason? Eileen wants a new ending because, in her own words, "Bombshell will run forever and in the end the audience will raise up from their seats." A suicide may not be able to trigger that much enthusiasm from the audience.

Marriage Lie

Dev asked Karen a while back to marry him, but she hesitated. Now with the roller coaster of emotions that is the preview, she brings up the issue again and practically begs him to propose to her. Which he does, apparently more out of guilt than because of genuine feelings. He pretends to have forgotten the ring in New York, but in actuality he lost them in Ivy's room when they were giving each other Rolling Stones-like satisfaction.

Church Sunday

In a weird turn of events, Lady Duvall, as she is now called, has an allergic reaction to peanuts and has to be hospitalized. In an even weirder turn of events, almost the entire ensemble goes to a black church. Both events are related to Karen. In Duvall's case, the star decides to not come back to the show after checking out of the hospital. Karen being her understudy, she might embody the bombshell in Bombshell. In the church case, Karen gets to sing a spiritual song accompanied by a gospel choir. Which will go down in the annals of Smash's weird musical choices, for sure.

So who will be Marilyn in next week's season finale? We still have no clue. What is your prediction? Karen over Ivy? Speculate away in the comments!

Jan Cee
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