'Smash' Recap: So Many Scripts, So Little Time
'Smash' Recap: So Many Scripts, So Little Time
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Hey, Smash fans! I'm your guest recapper for the latest episode titled "The Read-Through," where we see Julia's revamped script get a read through in front of newly minted producer Jerry. Meanwhile, Kyle gets Hit List ready for its own read through, while Ivy has to deal with a rather ridiculous co-star played by Sean Hayes, who at least breaks up a lot of the eye-rolling going on in this show with some eye-rolls of his own.

Kyle's Script Sucks

Jimmy and Kyle are riding high from Veronica Moore's performance -- and rightfully so, considering the circumstances. I don't find this plot line believable or interesting one bit, but I'll play along. Derek wants a script for Hit List so that's on Kyle to finish up. 

Karen's at all odds with herself, acting like a little girl with her first crush as she contemplates the meaning of the kiss she shared with Jimmy, who was high. But it turns out Jimmy's got a girl himself so ... what's his deal? And why isn't Karen more mad about it? Now that she knows she can't have Jimmy, she can totally drop his play, right? I thought that was her lone motivation. Get the play rolling to get in Jimmy's pants.

With the play ready, Karen brings her acting pals over for the big read through. Even from the start, the vibe isn't positive. Although what we hear from Karen is pretty bad, I guess we just have to take everyone's word for it that it sucked. (Perhaps they were sparing us). 

Well, Kyle's pissed not just because his story sucks while Jimmy's songs are amazing but because Jimmy had said he liked the script. How can they be partners if Jimmy can't be truthful with Kyle? 

In the end, Jimmy and Karen decide to keep their relationship strictly professional and even share a really awkward handshake. But Jimmy also believes that she's dating Derek, which is why he's not putting the moves on her. Presumably.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Let's move on to the best part of the episode -- all the nonsense with Sean Hayes as Terry, a total Broadway novice who can't tell from stage right to stage left. He's a comedic star, not a serious dramatic actor, and no one has seemed to clue him into the fact Liaisons is a tragedy -- because not only does he take the comedic route but does it with a ridiculous accent. He takes a dramatic gem and turns it into Spamalot, Ivy says.

While I enjoyed Sean Hayes pull this character off, what happens between him and Ivy were a bit weak as she gave this long speech about fear and using fear to transform you. Huh?

I felt like this story line is a metaphor for Smash as a whole. It's supposed to be one thing, but it comes off as something that's laughable for the audience and horrific for the actors watching. 

Julia vs. Julia

But Julia trust in Peter only lasts for 2.5 seconds after finding out that Peter may have written a completely different script, called it something else and wanted that to be the Bombshell. Because yes, that makes perfectly sense for someone who has the experience and credentials in doing what he does as a dramaturg. 

Julia, you're kinda stupid. And awfully defensive. But I guess I do understand where all of that is coming from after the critics blasted the writing coupled with her own insecurities and all that.

Bombshell has turned from a show focused on Marilyn Monroe to the men who exerted power over her. Derek absolutely loves it -- Jerry does like it, but the show that he wants to put on Broadway is not this one. He brings up the second script, after Peter denied going behind Julia's back to do anything like that. 

It's the script that Julia did during the workshop, one that Tom sorta kinda maybe accidentally sent to Jerry. Tom calls it an innocent mistake -- Jerry wanted the previous drafts so he sent his favorite one. So Derek is on Julia's side with the new Bombshell, while Tom and Jerry like this other script.

So they all turn to ... Eileen to be the tiebreaker. It doesn't quite make sense to me. Jerry didn't even want Eileen in the read through and suddenly he's going to go with her opinion? What if she picks Julia's script? He's planning on producing something he doesn't want to?

What if Eileen picks the old script? That means Season 2 so far would've been completely pointless regarding this. Like Julia says in this episode, "I'm so confused."

We'll have to wait until next week to see which script Eileen picks. I'm still waiting for her to figure out how to get herself back in the show -- and get Jerry out.

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