'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Loads of Demonic Possessions
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Loads of Demonic Possessions
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, a new demon endangers Irving's family. Abbie and Ichabod learn there is a link between this latest threat and Jenny. And another secret is uncovered within Washington's Bible.

After a long vacay, hopefully Abbie and Ichabod -- the dashing male protagonist desperately needs a nickname, and Icky just does not work -- are well rested. Abbie's soul is in danger, and this comes from a very reliable source: Moloch himself. The previous episode also foreshadowed, by a possessed hot chocolate vendor, that something wicked is coming for Irving's daughter, Macy (Amandla Stenberg). This news came in the midst of the police captain's realization that fighting demons is likely to shorten the life spans of all the good guys, including himself.

New Threads, New Questions

Finally, Ichabod has shred one of the last vestiges of his previous existences -- his clothes. Too bad Abbie put him in skinny jeans because now he looks like an uptight hipster.

Ichabod is reliving and examining every aspect of his run-in with Moloch. Abbie's on board to figure out the meaning behind Ichabod's encounter with the big bad, but they've apparently been at it for days. Ichabod, who has faced numerous things that go bump in the night, admits that Moloch instilled a sense of fear in him he had never known before. Even scarier than jeggings? For fans' sake, Ichabod rejects modern attire in favor of that one outfit we all know and love.

Irving drags in the NYC vendor who asked him whether his daughter was strong enough to fight for her soul. Since a green smoke was inhabiting his body at the time, and exited soon after, the man is clueless as to what's going on. It didn't escape Irving's attention that when the man bumped into a passerby, his demeanor changed. So now, after identifying the woman from park surveillance cameras, she's next up for questioning.

After arriving at the police station, she immediately passes the demon (or whatever it is) into one of the officers. Irving receives a phone call, coming from inside the station, demanding Washington's Bible. Just for added emphasis, the demand is written in blood on the walls, invisible to everyone but Irving. The mystery caller threatens that if Irving doesn't have the book in his possession by nightfall, it will take his daughter.

Bible Study

Irving goes to Abbie and Ichabod and questions them about the contents of the Bible and how it wound up buried with Ichabod. Although they can't answer the latter question, Ichabod tells him that Katrina says it's basically a how-to-defeat-evil-and-survive-the-apocalypse handbook. Irving asks the duo to find out whatever they can about this body-jumping demon and what, if anything, they can do to defeat it.

That Demon Really Gets Around

Abbie turns to Corbin's extensive files and finds a section on possession. He writes about a young woman he apprehended, thought to be possessed by a demon, that could jump from body to body. She could never account for the things she said or did during that time. Corbin made a recording of the encounter that reveals the young woman in question to be Jenny.

They confront Jenny in order to get her permission to watch the entire video. They didn't want to watch how Corbin exorcised the demon out of respect for Jenny's privacy. But since Jenny has no memory of it, nor has she seen the footage herself, they don't have much choice. It's the only lead they have on defeating the blackmailing demon. Jenny's all for handing over the Bible and calling it a day, but Ichabod tells her of his suspicions that there are secret messages imperative to their cause embedded in the book.

The video contains the standard tenants of possession: Jenny looks like crap, she talks in a creepy, deep voice, Corbin finds out he's going to die by the hand of the Horseman and whatever is inside Jenny will be dispatching of Abbie. A struggle ensues and the video ends.

Not-So-Safe House

Irving moves Macy and his ex-wife to a safe house with the aid of detectives Jones (Michael Roark) and Morales. He's unaware the demon has tagged along inside Jones' body and transfers into Morales once they reach their destination. Irving had the foresight to call his priest who has a few methods for keeping all things unholy away. This proves a bit inconvenient for the demon inhabiting Morales. Being ingenious and insidious, Morales finds a way in with the help of a clueless Jones.

Name That Demon

After mastering the pause button, Ichabod recognizes a white ring around Jenny. This triggers a memory for Jenny, who now remembers waking up being covered in salt. They deduce that the substance can trap but not expel the demon. They turn their attention to any clues that might be found in the demon's seemingly indecipherable tongue. After playing the demon's words backwards, Ichabod recognizes the language as ancient Aramaic. This reveals the demon's name to be Ancitif. Ancitif, a minion of Moloch's, is believed to lead a legion of Moloch's other minions. These nasty underlings would target and destroy disciples. That would include everyone aiding Abbie and Ichabod.

The instrument used to defeat Ancitif is a lantern that, conveniently, both Ichabod and Jenny recognize. While Ichabod recalls Thomas Jefferson receiving a supply from France, Jenny knows of one in a more accessible location. It's too bad they're running behind schedule because Ancitif is very punctual and ditches Morales for Macy.

Jenny, Ichabod and Abbie rush to some shady acquaintances of Jenny's of the crazy end-of-days kind. The plan is to steal the lantern in the hopes of not riling them and having them exercise their second amendment rights. But after Irving watches his daughter snap a reverend's neck like a twig and take his ex hostage, he calls them to verify the whereabouts of the Bible. They take this as code for "get your a**es in gear and get to the archives."

After dodging trip wires and other assorted booby traps and dealing with a group of humans as scary as anything Moloch can conjure, the threesome retrieve the lantern. Irving is unable to find the Bible (Ichabod hid it), and things look bleak for Irving and his family when Jenny and Abbie arrive. Ancitif tells Abbie to hand over the Bible or risk renting her sister's body out for occupation. As usual, Ichabod shows up with the lantern and casts the demon out of Macy -- after a few daunting threats, that is.

And because the war against evil is 24/7, Abbie and Ichabod continue their work, not taking any time to enjoy their small victory. Back at the cabin, where he hid the Bible, Ichabod has concocted a solution that can reveal invisible ink. The date December 18, 1799 is revealed on one of the pages, in what Ichabod claims to be George Washington's handwriting. The only snafu? Washington died on December 14.

The two-hour season finale of Sleepy Hollow airs January 20 at 8pm on FOX.

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