'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Breaking the Tie That Binds
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Breaking the Tie That Binds
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod is abducted by a powerful secret society who are determined to seal his fate. Abbie receives information that can save Ichabod, and calls on Jenny for help. Crane's decision to switch alliances during the war is explained, and we see the circumstances that first brought him and Katrina together.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

After preventing the spread of an epic plague that would grant that pesky Pestilence
Horseman entry into present-day Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and Ichabod have earned a treat. Abbie takes Ichabod to a little league baseball game, and this is the first time we really see Abbie relax or get an idea of her interests and pursuits outside of work. The fact that she decides to invite Ichabod along demonstrates their deepening bond.

When Ichabod questions the point of the game, level-headed Abbie tells him that for her, it's about three things: tradition, teamwork and diversity. It represents the spirit of democracy, which just happens to be what Ichabod was fighting for 250 years ago.

Ichabod decides to walk home, stopping to visit the pseudo grave of his wife, Katrina. Suddenly, he's hit with a tranquilizer dart. As he starts to lose consciousness, a man appears with a black hood that he places over Crane's head.

If Ever the Two Shall Meet

Abbie nods off while driving and winds up in a dream that puts her in contact with Katrina for the first time. Katrina warns Abbie that the Headless Horseman will be returning that night, and if she and Ichabod can't stop him, all is lost. It's safe to assume that will be the overall theme of every episode. Katrina says the situation is even more dire since Ichabod is missing. This comes as news to Abbie. Katrina may be prophetic, but she can't tell Abbie where Ichabod is because the people who took him have marked their surroundings with a "protective shield" that blocks her sight.

Katrina doesn't believe it is a coincidence that Ichabod has been abducted the same day the Horseman is due to blow back into town. Abbie asks if Katrina thinks Ichabod was taken because of his blood tie with the Horseman. Not one for a simple yes or no, she says that when she cast the spell to save her husband's life, she had no idea their fates would become intertwined.

Katrina has found a way she believes will break the link between Ichabod and the Hessian. She tells Abbie the "Sin Eater" will be able to guide her to Ichabod and undo the spell. Abbie is understandably confused, but Katrina, as usual, doesn't have much time to answer questions.  She's also always in a hurry even though she's languishing in purgatory. Katrina states that Ichabod must be sanctified, set apart from sin, by the Sin Eater before sundown.

A New Partner

Abbie has no choice but to turn to the always dubious Captain Irving for help. She warns him of the Horseman's impending return and confides that her source is Crane's wife, a witch who came to her in a dream. She tells him that Ichabod and the Horseman are linked by blood and that if any harm befalls the Horseman, Crane will suffer a similar fate. Abbie tells him she has to locate a Sin Eater to break the curse. As usual, Irving voices his skepticism but agrees to help her, as usual.

He pulls strings to get Abbie's sister a 24-hour furlough so she can offer her assistance. Jenny isn't exactly racing for the exit, but Abbie says she's her best lead. After all, Jenny traveled the world searching for rare artifacts and worked closely with Corbin. When Abbie reveals she's trying to hunt down a Sin Eater, Jenny shifts into high gear.

A Blast from the Past

Ichabod awakens and immediately identifies one of his captors, a man (played by True Blood's James Frain) whose surname is Rutledge and is a descendant of the youngest man to sign the Declaration of Independence. He also uses some mad Sherlock Holmes skills to deduce that Rutledge is a Freemason, a secret fraternal organization that wields great power in the areas of government, religion and culture.

Crane reveals himself to be a Freemason as well. He questions why, if they are on the same side, he's being held against his will. Rutledge tells Crane that whether he lives or dies depends on his true identity. Crane is adamant about who he is, but Rutledge says he's been fooled before by demons and shape shifters.

Rutledge asks Crane when he first heard the words "Order from Chaos." Crane said he heard them from Arthur Bernard. Ichabod encounters the man while fighting for the British. They are sent to his home because he is a freed slave suspected of treason. Ichabod is given the task of coaxing a confession from Bernard. This is also when he meets Katrina, a Quaker nurse who requests to treat the prisoner's wounds. She tells Ichabod that she can see in his eyes he wants to show Bernard mercy, that Crane has a conscious.

Bernard refuses to divulge the information the British are looking for despite Crane's promise to free him if he cooperates. Bernard tells Ichabod the love of power is the demon of all men and tells him there are demons all around them. He says they are hiding as men turning them against one another. He asks Crane to join him in uniting against them.

After three men are executed publicly for treason, Crane confronts his commanding officer and questions his methods. He tells Crane not to make him doubt his loyalty or he could be construed as a traitor himself. After their exchange, Crane catches a brief glimpse of something sinister emerge and reveal itself in his commanding officer's face. 

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A Man Can Choose His Destiny

Katrina tells Ichabod that he holds the power to bear witness. She tells him how valuable he is in the fight, and he is needed. He asks who she is and she replies, "Like you, someone who seeks the truth above all else." Redcoats approach, and Katrina whispers in his ear that evil gains its strength when good men do nothing, and Ichabod is a good man. 

Crane returns to finish the interrogation, but his demon superior is there waiting. He tells Ichabod he failed and that he would grant him one path to redemption. He tells Crane to take the man into the forest and shoot him. In the woods, Bernard says that he and Katrina are offering Ichabod salvation. Ichabod chooses not to kill Bernard. The man instructs him to find Katrina, and she will take him to General Washington. Bernard tells Crane to speak the words "Order from Chaos" to let Katrina know which side his heart has chosen.

After promising to see Ichabod again, he is shot by the evil colonel. He then attacks Crane, who stabs him with his sword. This causes the inner demon to be full revealed. The two tussle, and things look bleak for Crane until approaching redcoats scare the creature off. The rest is history, sort of. Rutledge is convinced and offers Ichabod his trust. His story is confirmed by a ledger kept by Katrina. Katrina's coven worked with the Freemasons until she betrayed their trust by casting the spell on Ichabod and hiding his body.

Ichabod realizes the Masons wanted him dead and Katrina was protecting him. Rutledge says she did so at the expense of the greater good. She knew the inevitable outcome from his tie to the Horseman. Rutledge says they could have sealed it long ago but have no choice but to do so now. He gives him a box and says Crane will know what he needs to do with the contents.

He Who is Without Sin

Jenny explains a Sin Eater reaches inside a soul and swallows the sins cleansing a person of evil. So where does one go to locate a Sin Eater? The Internet, of course. Jenny says she was tracking one through his visits to death row inmates, but the trail got cold. The sisters figure out that the Sin Eater is able to hide by taking on the identity of death row inmates.

They track him down, and his name is Henry Parrish (John Noble). Abbie wastes no time in telling Parrish she knows what he is, and she needs his help. He replies that people always do. He says he doesn't do it anymore. He says he was carrying around the darkest parts of the people whose sins he devoured and as a result, he was losing his true self. Jenny and Abbie tell him he possesses a gift, and he has a responsibility whether he likes it or not.

Abbie explains that Death is connected to Ichabod. She's says they are bound by a curse, a blood tie, linking their spirits together. Abbie says the Horseman is an abomination, pure sin, and Henry has the power to "pull him out." Henry says if the connection between Abbie and Ichabod is strong enough he could use it to locate Ichabod. He refuses, but Abbie grabs him, and he has a vision. He says Ichabod is underground behind a door marked with a square and a compass. Jenny recognizes this as the symbol of the Freemasons.

Calling in the Cavalry

Abbie and Jenny head into the tunnels that Ichabod revealed to Abbie. They find Crane, and he tells Abbie he has to finish what he started; if he dies, the Horseman will never ride again. Abbie tells him she knows someone who can help. She tells him that Katrina told her about a man who could separate them. Ichabod argues that even if they are decoupled, he would be allowing the Horseman to continue on his rampage. Crane says he's lived on borrowed time and seen more wonders than any man deserves. Abbie realizes she can't change his mind and sits with him sobbing gently as he ingests poison.

Parrish shows up at the last minute and manages to save the day. It turns out the regret and guilt Ichabod feels about Bernard's death is on his soul. Bernard appears and tells him that his death actually saved Ichabod's soul and only he chose to see it as a sin. Bernard tells Ichabod his regret is what fuels his blood tie with the Horseman. He has to let it go. He speaks an incantation, and the deed is done. Ichabod is free to continue to fulfill his destiny.

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