'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Elimination: Why Sherri?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Elimination: Why Sherri?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The simple answer is, of course, scoring. But there's probably more to it. Why exactly did Sherri Shepherd get eliminated in Dancing with the Stars week 4?

Really, It's the Scoring
Sherri Shepherd certainly wasn't the lowest-scoring competitor left on Dancing with the Stars season 14 (that dishonor is shared by Melissa Gilbert and Gladys Knight, each with 86 total points -- 5 points below Sherri's overall total of 91). She wasn't even the lowest scorer of the night, having beat Gladys Knight by one point in the judges' scores.

But her scores were low. Low scores always carry with them the danger of DWTS elimination.

Roshon Is Too Good a Dancer
The most interesting thing about the Dancing with the Stars week 4 results wasn't actually Sherri Shepherd's elimination. It was Roshon Fegan's almost-elimination.

Roshon and Chelsie tied (with Maria and Derek) for the second-highest score of the night. The judges gave nearly universal praise to the performance -- Len was even willing to use the word "dawg," at Roshon's request!

But Roshon Fegan was still in the bottom two with Sherri.

In terms of audience support, this most likely means that Sherri got more votes than Roshon did. That's not certain, of course, since Dancing with the Stars never makes such information public. But it's likely. Thus, in terms of popularity, Sherri Shepherd may not have lost.

It's just that Roshon's 26 points were a little bit too good for him to go out on popularity alone.

No View Watchers in the Audience?
To a few segments of the TV-watching population, Sherri Shepherd was one of the more prominent Dancing with the Stars season 14 competitors. She's a co-host on The View, one of television's more popular daytime shows. She's a known comedian. Sherri even has a recurring role on 30 Rock.

But it doesn't seem like her fans were watching.

The nebulous group of people who make up the DWTS audience are hard to classify in any way except by exclusion. We don't know who is watching Dancing with the Stars season 14, but we can now infer that the majority of the audience watches neither a daytime talk show or a low-rated NBC sitcom.

All of this is too bad for Sherri.

Did you expect Sherri Shepherd's elimination in Dancing with the Stars week 4? Why did she get cut? Who do you think should have been eliminated? Leave your comments below!

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