'The Voice': Get to Know the Final Contestants
'The Voice': Get to Know the Final Contestants
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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After last night's conclusion of the blind auditions, the four teams have been officially decided--Cee Lo added three members and the other coaches (Adam, Blake and Christina) added two each. As yesterday's final audition installment included some exciting and promising artists to add to an already strong group, let's get to know each new member and what they have to bring to the competition.

Team Adam 
Whitney Myer, age 25

Audition: One of the few (and the only one last night) to receive a full four-chair reception, Whitney is sure to be a singer to keep your eye on. She gave a compelling rendition of Alicia Keys' "No One" (a brave choice), bringing Adam to boldly state, "You can win this whole thing." With that kind of vote in confidence, Adam won her pick.

Musical past: An established performer on the West Coast, Whitney and co. ("The Whitney Meyer Band," which includes her father and uncle on guitar and drums) already has two albums. Plus, she has performed with previous Voice contestant Lindsey Pavao.

The Adam Levine connection: Whitney felt Adam's style and success "straddled more than one genre," blending soulful vocals and a rock-pop musicality, which is something she resonates with. He also felt "very genuine" and she connected really quickly with him in those few minutes. When he told her she had the goods to win the show, Whitney was "flabbergasted" and "completely humbled."

Orlando Napier, age 25

Audition: An L.A. blues singer, Orlando started on the piano while crooning "Waiting on the World to Change," and Adam spent no time pressing his button after the first few soulful phrases. No other coaches turned their chairs, but Adam and Orlando both seemed fine with their match-up.

Musical past: After having a troubled relationship with his father and a brush with the law, Orlando turned to music for restitution and he now writes music and plays gigs in the L.A. area alongside his father, who plays on sax.

An all-around artist: In addition to singing, Orlando loves to draw portraits, beatboxes, has two tattoos featuring piano keys (one he inked himself) and would probably become a writer if he wasn't pursuing music.

Team Blake
Lex Land, age 24

Audition: A singer-songwriter, Lex chose "I Can't Make You Love Me," starting off with a beautiful low tone that brought Adam and Cee Lo to turn around early on. Eventually Blake joined them and they all concurred it was Lex's low register that attracted them (and not some of the other vocal aspects she showed; Blake felt like he had heard three different singers in her performance).

Musical past: Already fairly accomplished, Lex, who studied classical voice, has written her own songs that have been featured on TV shows like "Castle" and "Bones." She has also recorded two albums and works at a girls rock camp to help young girls pursue their music dreams.

A familial competition: Lex, who claims to be good friends with Adley, another Team Blake member, says although all the contestants are competing, they're still like a family on the show. If in the battle rounds she isn't chosen, Lex believes it won't change their friendships because they're like "apples and oranges" and it just means their voice wasn't exactly what the coaches were looking for at that time.

Adley Stump, age 22

Audtion: Taking on Carrie Underwood's "Last Name," Adley caused Christina and Blake to look at each other and acknowledge the talent they were hearing, so they silently agreed to both push their buttons at the same time.

Musical past: A recent college grad, Adley had been performing her whole life (dancing and cheerleading), but her singing ability had been "completely unknown" to anyone, including herself. That is, until she won a singing event her junior year that "lit a fire" in her; she moved to Nashville, produced an EP of 7 songs and auditioned for The Voice "on a whim."

A fireball personality: Like her mother (who jokingly told Carson she knew Adley would sing ever since she sang on the potty as an infant), Adley claims to have some of that fireball personality, which is evident in her meteoric pursuit of music, in addition to her other infectious hobbies, like her own web reality series where she "stumps" strangers with humorous random acts of kindness.

Team Cee Lo
The Shields Brothers

Audition: All about rock 'n' roll, Rory and Tristan Shields definitely put on a show singing "Dancing with Myself." It was clear after Cee Lo turned his chair and the Shields duo started throwing mic stands and producing air kicks that they were all about having fun.

Musical past: The brothers were playing gigs as students for a while but that eventually died down, forcing them to move back with their parents on a farm in Virginia five years ago. They have been continuing to rock ever since, while knowing they "had to do something big," which brought them to The Voice.

Living by a motto: Clearly funny guys, the Shields brothers' catchphrase is wanting to "punch America in the face with Rock 'n' Roll," an attitude they stand by--after being students, "We kind of decided, because we love rock 'n' roll, we just did it. We didn't want real jobs."

Cheesa, age 21

Audition: A professed Beyonce fan, Cheesa took on "If I Were a Boy," but spent most of the song singing to the coaches' backs. It was so close to the end, she says she was mentally preparing her "thank you" speech when Adam told Cee Lo, who regretfully thought the song was over, to "press it" and Cee Lo got his second chance.

Musical past: Originally from Hawaii, Cheesa and her family moved to L.A. five years ago so she could pursue her dreams of being a singer. Though she hasn't met much success (until The Voice) and it's been financially tough on her family, she says they've always supported her musical aspirations.

Pressing onward: Cheesa's been waiting for an opportunity like this for years ("it's been a long time coming"). She acknowledges that though her blind audition performance was just OK, she's now ready "to go kill it" in the battle rounds.

WADE, age 18

Audition: WADE performed an interesting take on Amy Winehouse's "Rehab," a song that stirred Cee Lo, as he admired the singer and was set to collaborate with her before she her untimely death. Clearly it was enough to get him to turn his chair for this Alabama native.

Musical past: Though he's still in college, WADE has also attended music school since a young age to learn guitar and piano and he feels without a doubt that his calling is in music. Growing up in a home filled with music, his influences range from Bob Dylan and Prince to Kanye and his coach.

Mr. Personality: Voted his high school prom king, WADE has been called a likeable jokester by his friends due to his ability to make others laugh and do convincing impressions. He has also pursued boxing and basketball (though he admits his 5' 5" height held him back), but stresses that more than anything his passion has always been music.

Team Christina
Lee Koch, age 27

Audition: Lee exhibited guitar skills while singing to the Dylan classic "Like a Rolling Stone," but it seemed like no one would turn. Then at the end of his song he busted out some notes on his harmonica, pushing Christina over the edge to finally press her button.

Musical past: By day Lee is a professional bread baker, which he calls "a beautiful occupation," but he wanted to shift the focus onto his singing, becoming "a singer who bakes, not a baker who sings." Turns out he's already started on that path with some shows prior to joining The Voice.

The interesting match: People, including Lee, were surprised it was Christina who chose him, as her well established pop-diva background seemed like a departure from his easy style. But Lee is thrilled to work with her and believes their pairing could make for good entertainment and result in the two reaching a "bluesy middle ground."

Sera Hill, age 24

Audition: In an unprecedented ending to the blind auditions, Christina, after turning her chair and choosing Sera, was compelled to join her newest and last member on stage in belting the chorus of Mary J. Blige's "I'm Going Down."

Musical past: Sera works at the front desk of a hotel, but her love for singing often spread to her hours on the job. She's also been in several theater productions and likes to write her own songs. After some roadblocks on her mission to becoming a diva icon (a la Mariah Carey and Christina herself), Sera feels she's finally getting her shot.

The impromptu Christina duo: As she was performing, Sera was simply trying to sing her best whilst not falling in her 5" heels, when suddenly Christina was on stage with her. "It was unbelievable. I was singing with my idol, an icon. It was so surreal--a dream come true."

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