'SEAL Team' Recap: Where is Clay On the List?
'SEAL Team' Recap: Where is Clay On the List?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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SEAL Team Season 1 returns with "Other Lives." When a group of Syrian teens come across a group of dead animals in the middle of the desert, the SEALs are pulled in to find the chemicals. Things don't quite work out as planned, as the team find an unexpected group of kids in the building. Can they carry out their current task and save a group of innocent, sick civilians at the same time, while making it back to see their families again?

Moving on is Hard to Do

Jason and his wife are helping to pack up Molly's house. After the death of Nate, she's decided to get rid of everything and start afresh. Jason is surprised, but it does lead to flashbacks of his time with his friend outside of work.

Meanwhile, Ray and his wife are at the doctors to check on the development of their baby. While the due date may be four weeks away, this little one isn't interested in waiting that long. The doctor gives the couple two weeks, which isn't good for Ray as he gets a call that he's needed elsewhere.

It just so happens that Ray's baby has a different plan. Ray's wife needs a c-section immediately and Jason doesn't know whether to tell Ray or not. Could this prove difficult moving forward on SEAL Team?

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Clay Doesn't Know When to Stop with Questions

Meanwhile, Clay is training hard to be part of the team. It looks like he has some competition in the form of Brian. The group needs to rank the top five and bottom five of their current training group. The one at the bottom will be published and they will be kicked out of training immediately. Clay isn't happy when he learns that the top five names aren't published.

While at a bar, Clay meets Stella and instantly hits a nerve. She's a grad student at Hudson State and initially refuses to let Clay pay for her drink. After choosing against arguing the finer points of feminism, she lets Clay figure out where she'll be next to see her again and walks away leaving him to pay for her drink after all.

When the list of the bottom five come out, Clay realizes that he's on the list. He may not be at the bottom, but it is the wake-up call he needed.

It's Time to Move Out

Jason gives Ray the opportunity to give the latest deployment a miss, but Ray isn't interested. He's part of the team. There are chemicals and it's up to them to figure out what they are and stop an attack.

As the team makes their way through the building, they come across the section with the chemicals. Someone has been creating chemical weapons, but it's taken a hit before they got there. The doctor now needs to swab everything to get an idea as to what they're dealing with.

If only it was going to be so easy. There's a group of Syrian soldiers nearby and a hospital wing full of sick children. Jason tries desperately to save them all, including giving his own medication to a young boy without thinking about what will happen if he gets contaminated. The problem is getting everyone out without enough vehicles, and HQ isn't willing to give permission to pull the sick, innocent people out.

The only way the DoD would allow for the civilians to be pulled out is if the American troops had contact with the enemy. Jason realizes his way to save as many people as possible. Jason decides to give his men the choice to hold their position against the enemy (hopefully bringing in the Green Berets) or leaving. Nobody is going to leave, including the doctor.

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Not Everyone Grows Attached to the Civilians

There's a chance to get to know a little more about Sonny. He's a straight-talking, action-loving SEAL. Whenever you want to know what's really going to happen, this is the guy to talk to. This is also the guy who's willing to tell his boss something that others won't, knowing that the kids will be stuck in a refugee camp after being pulled out. He's a man who keeps himself detached by not seeing the faces of the innocent people involved.

When it's time to face off against the enemy, Sonny isn't afraid to make jokes. Jason continues to think ahead. He realizes that if the samples the doctor has collected isn't going to give the DoD the evidence against the nerve chemical development needed, then the DoD is going to need the sick civilians instead. It's the perfect reason to pull the civilians out, with the enemy just two clicks away.

They're able to get out, although it appears the boy Jason had taken a liking to died from the chemicals. The good news is Ray learns about the birth of his baby and he's not angry that Jason decided not to tell him about the c-section.

Were you happy to see Jason find a way to save the civilians? Did you expect Clay's positioning on the board? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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