How Far Will 'SEAL Team' Go with Ray's Injury?
How Far Will 'SEAL Team' Go with Ray's Injury?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
SEAL Team opened with Ray getting his shoulder checked out in the latest episode. He'd injured it while in Yemen and was instructed to get a MRI. After worrying about his family's finances, Ray chose to lie to Jason about the results and is choosing to use painkillers and pretend it's not a major problem. Just how far will the show go with this storyline? What effect will it have on Ray and the team?

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Will SEAL Team Explore Painkiller Addiction?

So far, the show has been relatively fresh. The writers have been willing to take risks and think outside the box. What should have been obvious storylines have turned into something bigger and more intricate. For example, the questions about Nate's burner phone turned out to be linked to an interpreter who needed Nate's help and not an affair.

A painkiller addiction storyline is a realistic element of military life, but something many military shows choose not to explore. While Army Wives covered it, the storyline was quickly wrapped up and there were many other characters to focus on. The SEAL Team cast is much smaller, allowing more time on the overall storyline. SEAL Team could tackle pain medication addiction in a unique way, especially with a character that has previously mentioned the need to follow the rules because of the color of his skin.

Ray is taking a huge risk not being honest about his injury. This won't just put his career at risk, but also the lives of his team members -- his military family. The only way he can deal with the pain is through the use of strong painkillers, which can become addictive. One of the issues is that Ray can't go to his doctor about it because he'd have to explain where he got the painkillers.

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Will Anyone Learn the Truth Before It Goes Too Far?

Because of the close-knit nature of the SEALs, it's possible that someone will notice Ray changing or his possible overuse of painkillers. It's possible for someone to see him abusing the medication before it gets too far.

Clay has a habit of watching everyone on the team. He also wants to make Jason like him, so may say something to Jason right away if he sees something. Lisa or Mandy may spot something, since they tend to watch from the sidelines. Ray would more likely open up to them, but encourage them to keep secrets for him.

The only people who could really call Ray out on his secrets would be Jason or Ray's wife, Naima. Will this be before or after the storyline has a chance to take effect? Will it be before or after something happens to one of the team members because of Ray's injury? Someone will eventually have to find out and it's going to cause major trust issues with everyone.

Do you think the show will take the painkiller addiction route? Will something happen to one of Ray's team members? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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