Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke Returning to Season Nine of 'Scrubs'?
Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke Returning to Season Nine of 'Scrubs'?
Scrubs might be over for its protagonist J.D., but is it the same for the rest of the Sacred Heart Staff?  Actor Zach Braff, who plays the lead character on the show, has already made his decision to leave the series.  However, it seems as though the network isn't ready to let go of him and the show.

Braff addressed the issue on his official MySpace blog, explaining how Scrubs will be given a new life on its next installment.  It sounded as though things have worked out, and the actor will be returning for the first few episodes of the ninth season.

"Scrubs will be coming back, but in a new incarnation.  Scrubs as we've known it is over.  That chapter is closed," Braff wrote.  "But as there are so many fans of the characters and writing of the show worldwide, the powers that be have decided to try and keep them alive a little longer (in the spirit of "Frasier" being a new chapter of "Cheers".)"

The actor went on to clarify some things about his re-appearance on the series.  "I will be in the first 6 episodes of this new incarnation to help transition the show into what it will become," he remarked.  Afterwards, Braff will be working on the other projects that he's thrilled about - like his new movie and flying airplanes.

"As to what the new show is?  That's only clear in the mind of Bill Lawrence at this time," Braff continued.  "I know many of you will have very strong opinions on this topic.  And I respect them all.  But first and foremost, if any of you were in a position to put about 200 people whom you really loved back to work in this economy, you would do it in a second.  That has always been in the back of Bill's and my mind; we just didn't imagine ABC would ever give us the opportunity to keep it going."

As for J.D.'s leading lady Elliot, here's what actress Sarah Chalke had to say.   "I actually don't know yet what I'm going to do, but I will very soon" she told E! News.  "Regardless, I'm excited that the show got picked up again and it's going to go another year."

Now that Braff has given his approval, it'll only take a bit of time until Bill Lawrence convinces Sarah Chalke.  Still, can the Scrubs mastermind haul in the rest of the fans?

Braff wrote, "If anyone can find an interesting new shape for the show it's Bill.  Don't hate it until you see what he comes up with.  Once its up and going there will be plenty of time for you to decide whether you love it or hate it."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, Boston TV Examiner
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