Scrubs: Season 6 Finale Recap
Scrubs: Season 6 Finale Recap
With two back to back episodes, Scrubs finishes its sixth season, following its two leads in an unlikely parallel as they both struggle to deal with the growing responsibilities in their path towards adulthood. J.D., with his recently discovered still-pregnant ex-girlfriend, Kim, must cope with his inevitable role as a father and decide what role he wishes to play in the life of both the child and the mother-to-be. Elliot, on the other hand, is equally overwhelmed with constant doubts about her upcoming wedding with Keith which is now mere weeks away. As they continuously question their own instincts, both characters turn to their closest friends for support and, eventually, each other.


Last week, upon finding out that his ex-girlfriend had lied to him about a miscarriage and was, in fact, still pregnant, J.D. decided to go against all logic and run back home after Kim asked for help. Picking up moments later, we discover that Kim had followed J.D. back to the hospital to find out why he had run out on her. J.D.’s immediate reaction is to, of course, run again. Several times, in fact. After finally cornering him in his own apartment, J.D. agrees to allow Kim stay at his place while they sort things out.

As J.D. openly milks the sympathy of his co-workers, Carla grows increasingly frustrated with Elliot as she refuses to allow Carla to help with any of the wedding plans. When Elliot insists on taking control of even the bachelorette party, Carla has had enough and confronts her best friend. While the girls argue over Carla’s responsibilities as Maid of Honor, Kim asks J.D. if there is a chance the two will ever get back together. J.D., calloused because of their past history, tells her that there isn’t.

When Kim mentions this to Carla and Elliot as they try on wedding dresses, word gets around and the staff turns on J.D., coming down on him for not being more supportive of the woman having his baby.

The first episode closes with Elliot agreeing to let Carla plan her bachelorette party, only to find that Carla’s plan was to give Elliot several options throughout the night so that she could make all the decisions, and with J.D. going into Kim’s room, reassuring her that the possibility of them getting back together is still out there.

As the second episode of the season finale begins, we learn that J.D. and Kim have been getting along quite well and J.D. even helps her get her old job at Sacred Heart back as well as offering to let her move in with him. Elliot, however, is more stressed than ever about her upcoming wedding. This uncertainty is magnified when she sees an elderly woman taking care of her comatose husband, forcing Elliot to question whether or not she would be willing to do such things for Keith.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is furious at the notion of J.D. being his new daughter’s godfather, a title his wife, Jordan, bestowed upon him in a fit of rage against her husband, and attempts to bribe J.D. into relinquishing the position. J.D. refuses, even when Cox offers to stop calling him girls’ names and grant him a hug, since J.D. believes that the “godfather” title will allow him to stay in Cox’s life forever. Cox does, though, bribe Jordan into naming their son, Jack, the daughter’s godfather after agreeing to wear matching outfits with his son. At the ceremony they opt to name Carla the daughter’s godmother.

Following the ceremony, J.D., frightened about his upcoming responsibilities and worried about his devotion to Kim, stays late at the hospital to think over his problems. As he hides in the sleeping quarters, he runs into Elliot, also worried about her life. The two talk to each other about their troubles, realizing that both of them have the same issues with commitment. As both of their significant wait for their loved ones at home, J.D. and Elliot find themselves lying in bed next to each other, holding hands. We leave them as they stare into each others’ eyes, talking about what they could do this time to get out of their relationships this time.

So, what is the future of J.D. and Elliot? In the past, their emotional unavailability and stunted maturity was what led to the downfall in their relationship, yet this time it may actually be what brings them together. If they were to get back together, is there any way for them to not come off as villains? Or does that even matter? Scrubs fans can only hope for an answer to this in the future.

-George Freitag, Buddy TV Staff Columnist

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