Casting News: Foley, Banks on 'Scrubs'; Willard on 'Pushing Daisies'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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So far, a number of Scrubs people have announced that they will be leaving the show after season 8.  That list includes Judy Reyes, and, of course, Zach Braff.  On the heels of a less-than-stellar season, Scrubs also transferred homes from NBC, where it spent its first seven seasons, to ABC.  However, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence did swear that Scrubs will go on forever, or at least up to season 9.  Now Reyes is saying that even Lawrence will be leaving the medical comedy after season 8.

Despite the major overhaul that the cast of Scrubs seems to be undergoing, Elizabeth Banks and Scott Foley both announced that they are returning to Sacred Heart for guest-appearances; Banks for a two-episode arc and Foley for one episode.  The two Scrubs alumni will still play J.D.'s love interest  and Sarah Chalke's ex respectively.

In other news, Fred Willard and Kerri Kenney will appear sometime in November for an episode of Pushing Daisies. T he Golden Globe-nominated dramedy will feature the so-called comedy dream team in an episode that revolves around the murder of a famous illusionist named Great Hermann, played by Willard, and his lovely assistant Alexandria, played by Kenney.

Earlier, it was revealed that Stephen Root will also guest-star for a four-episode story arc on Pushing Daisies as the show returns to ABC on October 1.  The character will have a “shared history” with both dads of Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck (Anna Friel).

Banks, 34, has gained widespread popularity after starring in The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Steve Carell.  In 2006, she appeared in the season 5 finale of Scrubs as Dr. Kim Briggs, the love interest of J.D. Her character has since been recurring throughout seasons 6 and 7.  Foley, 36, is best known for his role on Felicity.

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