'Scandal': Who is the Mole? 6 Likely Suspects
'Scandal': Who is the Mole? 6 Likely Suspects
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Scandal returns with an all-new episode titled "Seven Fifty-Two," where we'll learn about Huck's mysterious past. All that we've gathered so far in two seasons is that he was a member of the CIA and has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

But the main story concerns Olivia, who was sent to the hospital in the most recent episode, and the elusive Mole, who has been stirring up trouble all season long. That's not to say I'm undermining the Huck storyline because there IS a connection to the Mole, but everything is so convoluted right now surrounding him.

There are many questions but so very few answers surrounding the Mole's identity. Let's examine the possibilities of who could be the Mole. 


Why he is the Mole: In the most recent new episode, the White House chief of staff looked extremely guilty as the identity of the Mole. The break-in at Olivia's place appeared connected to the Mole. It turned out to be Cyrus' hitman. Why did he break into Olivia's place? What is Cyrus' motive? 

Why he is not the Mole: Not only does Cyrus love Fitz but he loves his country, so I'm really hoping it's not him. Then again, there was the time of the hostage crisis when Fitz kicked Cyrus to the curb -- what better way to get back "in" with the president than be a traitor during the crisis and then be right there by his side to pick up the pieces? In reality, I am thinking he's looking into Jake because he's suspicious of the fact that the president's meeting with him. 

The Unidentified Man 

 Why he is the Mole: This guy met with Jake one night, pretty much incriminating both of them with the death of the CIA director, who was set up as the Mole. But we barely know anything about him. Still, when he met with Jake, it looked like Jake was answering to him. If he's the Mole, why? Does he hate the government or specifically Fitz? 

Why he is not the Mole: It's difficult to say since we don't know anything about him. 


Why he is the Mole: It's hard to figure out whether Jake is truly good or bad. He might be somewhere in the middle, but I'm leaning more toward bad since it definitely seems like he killed the CIA director and set it up so that it looked like a suicide. And although he's watching Olivia at the request of the president, it still doesn't make it any less OK. 

Why he is not the Mole: I can't imagine Scott Foley as a truly horrible character, capable of betraying his country to the extreme. He has his own shady thing going on, but is he really the Mole? 

Hollis Doyle 

Why he is the Mole: It won't surprise anyone if Hollis was the Mole because he's dangerous and only thinks of himself. The entire election rigging was pretty much his idea, and he encouraged it for his personal benefit. Recently we saw his daughter choose money over her family, and so we felt for him, but that doesn't mean he seems any less guilty. 

Why he is not the Mole: It would only seem convenient if Hollis was the Mole. We already know how bad he is, and like I said before, no one would be surprised if he was up to no good, which is exactly why it can't be him. There's not much drama involved if it were him compared to anyone else. 


Why she is the Mole: We've seen all the things Mellie is capable of -- inducing her own labor, anyone? -- and she's always wanting to be closer with not only Fitz but his goings on as president. Add to that her knowing his affair with Olivia all this time, and those are prime reasons why she could be the Mole. 

Why she is not the Mole: Although she puts up a good fight, Mellie doesn't seem like a real threat. 

Another Man or Woman 

The Mole could very well be someone we haven't yet been introduced to. If so, he/she is definitely powerful and in the White House. But who? And why? Although there are many unknowns, one thing is for certain with only a handful of episodes left in the season: there are plenty of twists and surprises in store. 

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC. 

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