'Scandal' Fall Finale Recap: The Devil Came In
'Scandal' Fall Finale Recap: The Devil Came In
Sydney Boles
Sydney Boles
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So it's the fall finale of Scandal, and you can bet your Christmas tree it's not going to end with a caroling sesh and a group hug. You can also bet that Maya Pope, a.k.a. Marie Wallace, isn't going to Hong Kong without a fight. 

This week, B613 is doing some reorganizing, and you'll never believe the changes in the staff.

The Devil Wants the White House

Vice President Sally Langston killed her husband with the heel of her shoe. She stabbed him multiple times, angrily, to punish him for his sin. Which is pretty intolerant of her, but Sally is the actual worst, so we'll just accept it as part of her actual worstness.

Then, of course, she calls Cyrus Beene about it. Now it's Cyrus' problem. And we like Cyrus, right? Even though he's the actual devil as well? But in any case, now it's Cyrus' job to clean up Sally's horrific crime scene. Who's he gonna call? B613, of course. So while superspies Quinn and Charlie clean up the blood and make it look like Daniel Douglas died in his sleep, Cyrus comes up with a plan to get through the next part: the medical examination. 

When the doc comes in, things get a little tense, you guys. Like, Sally looks really pale, and even though Cyrus briefed her on how to stop the doctor from finding the violent stab wounds in Daniel's back, it kinda seems like she might blow it. Just barely, though, she pulls it together enough to throw herself on her husband's corpse, and the medical examiner has the decency to leave her to her grief. So maybe the devils will get away with this. Or maybe not. We'll get to that later. 

The question now is, did it all work? Mellie's sure it did. Sally will be forced to look like a grieving widow for months, and she won't be able to run for the presidency, so ultimately it's all fine that Cyrus basically prostituted his husband and the VP killed a guy, because her spot as first lady is secured. 

Weirdest Marriage Ever... Or Possibly a Normal Marriage on Steroids?

Cyrus is actually pretty eaten up about the whole thing. Kinda like he has feelings, maybe? And James is furious, with good reason. At first, Cyrus can't help but dominate James, tell him there's no way James could leave him, there's no way James could outrun Cyrus' network of lawyers or gain custody of their daughter. But finally, Cyrus can't be angry anymore, and he just stands there in his underwear and gives James the power to decide what comes next. 

Office Politics

At Gladiator HQ, a couple things are going on. One, Quinn betrayed Pope and Associates to follow Charlie into B613, so Huck is all up in trying to track her down. Two, Maya Pope is a criminal, and Abby is on top of figuring out what kind of criminal she is. 

Eventually it surfaces that Maya Pope was the child of English Marxists, and in her youth travelled from Paris to Singapore to all the other places, following the money, dabbling in international secrets. By the time she made it to the U.S., she had some CIA secrets in her possession, and a lot of important people were on her trail. But Olivia's not convinced. Is that really enough of a reason to shoot a plane out of the sky?

And if that's all Maya did, steal some files, then maybe when her plane lands in Hong Kong they can just let her go. Maybe she served her time, and she can just be forgotten about. 

Yeah... no.

You're A Boy, Fitz

As per the wishes of one Olivia Pope, President Grant has stolen Rowan away and hidden him the basement of the Pentagon. He's trying to question Rowan about the Remington plane crash, but it's really not going well, seeing as how Rowan has him squirming. Rowan is all like, "You're a boy. You've had everything handed to you all your life, you own the world and you can't appreciate it because you didn't have to work for it. You've decided that the one thing you want is my daughter, what I made. You've decided you want her because she's your way out of being Senator Grant's disappointing son, daddy's little boy, the President of the United States. But you will always be a little boy, and she will always be the formidable Olivia Pope. Don't use my daughter to make yourself into a man. I know everything about you, and you disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter." 

Well that has to sting a little. Good thing Huck and Jake have managed to track Rowan down at this point, and Fitz gets out of that awkward interrogating-my-quasi-father-in-law situation to take a call from Olivia. 

Olivia isn't so sure Rowan is the bad guy anymore, and she wants to talk to him. 

Family Secrets

When Olivia gets into the secret Pentagon basement interrogation room (I'm just gonna go ahead and imagine she gymnasticked her way through a room full of lasers or something to get in there) she basically just spitballs ideas at her father until she figures out what really went down on that plane. 

At first, it seems like the obvious answer is that there was a bomb on the plane, and Rowan pulled Maya off it. That would make some sense: he had Fitz shoot down the plane to detonate the bomb in the air, so it wouldn't kill thousands more when it got to London. But Olivia's not convinced.

She has another theory. There was no bomb. Maya just told Rowan there was, and he believed her. She convinced him into killing hundreds of people. And that's a lot worse than stealing some files. But it means one other thing: All this time, Rowan was trying to protect Olivia from the pain of learning the truth about her mother. So yeah, Rowan is Command, and he put Huck in a box for ages, and did a lot of other terrible things. But he also protected Olivia, and loved her very much. 

Spies in Love?

Remember how Huck was tracking Quinn and had it figured out that she was still in the Pentagon? Well, not so much. Quinn Macguyvered a paper towel dispenser and sliced the tracker out of her mouth, which is really fricking badass and a little bit scary. Quinn is obviously terrified. She's trying to escape, to get away from Charlie, to get back to her normal life as a gladiator. After the Daniel Douglas murder clean-up, she sort of breaks a little bit. She's lonely and sad and scared, and she has no idea who to trust. 

Charlie does a little buttering up. Which reminds me: I'm still not entirely sure if he's really into her or not, or if it's just a play in the B613 game. I mean, I don't really mind, because Charlie is studly and the two of them have hella chemistry. But he tells her she has special skills and instincts, and she's not cut out for normal. It's sweet and everything, and they go to bed spooning, but in the morning, Quinn is gone. 

Well, not gone exactly. She's at the Pope and Associates office, and she blows right past a stunned Abby and goes right into Huck's computer room. "I'm back," she says. "I came back. Don't you have anything to say to me?"

You betcha he does. He goes, "You want me to say I'm sorry for making you talk. Well, I'm not sorry. If it weren't for Olivia, I would have ripped all your teeth out. If it weren't for Olivia, I would have torn off all your skin. If it weren't for Olivia, I would have killed you. You betrayed her. You're not a gladiator anymore." Scandal, man. Huck sure knows how to lay it into a girl.

Quinn is stunned, and hurt. She limps back to Charlie's hotel room. He welcomes her in. She's back. She's officially burnt her bridges with Pope and Associates, I think. She's really in B613.

Flight Itinerary

Olivia is home from the pentagon, and whaddaya know, her phone is ringing again. It's the Fitz Phone, but this time the President isn't calling for some heavy breathing and emotional telephone foreplay. Bad news: Maya Pope's plane never made it to Hong Kong. The whole crew was shot point blank, and Maya is missing, vanished, gonzo. 

Command Central

Soon after that, Jake shows up. He knows a guy, he could track down Maya if she resurfaced again. Olivia's grateful for his help, but let's be real: her mom's a pro, she won't resurface at all. And then things get emotional again. 

"Whatever happens next," Jake says, "I want you to know that I loved you. I love you." He gives her this long look and leaves, making me think maybe there's something going on we don't know about yet. 


Some time later, at the Pentagon, Rowan is power-walking down the hallway into his office, successfully freed from his basement prison, but somebody's in his chair. 

It's Jake. 

You guys, Rowan isn't Command anymore. Fitz pulled some strings, and Jake of all people is now in control of the most powerful spy organization in the country. Jake, who was just a minute ago telling Olivia Pope that he loves her, now tells Rowan Pope that there is a job for him if he wants it, but if not, Jake's agents will escort Rowan out. 

You guys, did you hear? Jake is Command! Jake is Command!

As the Scandal fall finale comes to an end, Olivia gets one more phone call. This time it's Mommy. And she's not in Hong Kong, or even out of the country. Maya Pope in all her murderous glory is standing smack dab in front of the White House. 

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

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