'Scandal' Recap: Huck's Mysterious Past Revealed
'Scandal' Recap: Huck's Mysterious Past Revealed
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Scandal's latest episode after a long break, "Seven Fifty-Two," was all about Huck, the mysterious killer/techie with the signature frown/scorn at all times. After he was tricked into going into that storage unit and locked in a box only to be rescued by Quinn, he's holed himself in Olivia Pope & Associates, repeating "752" over and over and over. 

What does it all mean?

A Killer is Born

Via flashbacks, we see that five years ago, Olivia Pope first came across Huck at the train station. She left some change in his cup for the unshowered and unshaven man. That's all we get from the five-year jump because we then go way back to 14 years ago.

At that time, Huck's deployment overseas with the Marines has been cut short. He returns to his girlfriend. She's pregnant. They get married. They have a house together. It's all nice -- especially seeing Huck so happy, jovial and laughing. Except for the reason why his tour was cut short: He was recruited by the CIA to torture and kill for information. It's all very Dexter-like with the goggles and using plastic to wrap up the body and dump it in the trash for trash day.

Charlie is also part of the little assassin club -- though part of the CIA I'm assuming it's an off-the-books division. Charlie is Cyrus' hitman and also the guy who broke into Olivia's apartment, the baseball hat guy as referred to by Quinn, Abby and Harrison.
Hot and Cold

Speaking of Olivia, she's being heavily guarded by the Secret Secret, and Fitz is right by her side the entire time. Never mind that there's matters of national security to tend to, which Cyrus politely reminds him. Doesn't matter. 

Olivia has some scathing words for her on-again, off-again lover. She hates him, and she doesn't believe him when he tells her he loves her. They go back to their usual bantering -- I love you, I love you not. Before getting discharged, they share a passionate kiss after she tells him she loves him but wait, they can't do this! For real this time.

Meanwhile, Harrison tracks down Olivia at the hospital -- remember, when Olivia was at Jake's, no one could get a hold of her since he turned her phone off. There, he catches a glimpse of Charlie and tries chasing him down the stairs as Charlie goes down the elevators. The flowers he had been carrying are on the floor, but he is not.

Memory Erased

When Huck was signing up to be an assassin, he was specifically asked whether he had a wife and kids -- and he answered no. You're not supposed to have any family or any attachments to do the job. I guess it makes the job easier. 

Well, Huck does have a wife and kids and one day decides they've got to get away -- for a year or two, he tells his wife, until it's safe to come back. You know this isn't going to end well. Well, when he heads off to the bank, he gets kidnapped and thrown down a hole in the office. Over and over, he's asked whether he has a wife and kids. Over and over, he screams yes, and the door gets shut on him every time.

Eventually, when he's grown a ton of facial, he answers no when he's asked the wife/kid question again and is let free. And he's back on the job. Well, he can't pass his test killing, but Charlie lets him go and tells his superior that he's been killed.


That superior? It's the Unidentified Man, who again meets with Jake in present time. Jake is Huck! Well, like Huck. Jake is an assassin, although we haven't actually seen him kill anyone, even though we know he "took care" of the CIA director. If we haven't seen it, does it mean it actually happened?

Anyway, how this all ties together with the Mole, we still don't know.

Back in present day, Quinn, Abby and Harrison all pour their hearts out to Huck in the hopes that he'll snap out of it. It isn't until Olivia talks to Huck does he get up. First of all, she touches him. None of the others did. Second, she tells him she stopped for him back at the train station because his eyes were sadder than his. She tells him she didn't save him -- but that he saved her. 

And with that, Olivia saves Huck -- sorta, at least getting him to talk. He tells her he thinks he had a family, but he doesn't know if it's real or made up. He thinks it's real.

We're brought back to five years ago. Huck's still in his same spot at the train station. And his wife and grown little boy get off! The boy even drops some money into Huck's cup. So they're alive. I was worried they had been killed. And 7:52? That's the exact time that he saw his family, alive and well.

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