'Scandal' Recap: Real Truth Behind the Mole Comes Out
'Scandal' Recap: Real Truth Behind the Mole Comes Out
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Hollis Doyle is the devil (Olivia Pope & Associates' word, not mine), but at least he's an entertaining one. He's not buying at all that his daughter has been kidnapped and being held for ransom money. We knew Hollis has stooped very low in the past but this? His own child?

Meanwhile, it appears the mole is well on its way to being exposed ... until the ending brings not one, but two shockers that turns this story line upside down. 

This episode is such an improvement after last week's snoozefest.

Not Is All As It Seems

Hollis doesn't believe he's that cold hearted -- he just knows his daughter: that she's been in acting classes, that she's a drug addict and had been to rehab twice. She was even kicked out of Georgetown for cheating. He says he she's bled him dry and that he's had to cut her off. He believes this even as there's a video message from her, crying and pleading for the money that's been ordered by her kidnapper.

The suspicion falls on her ex, whose quite the troublemaker himself. And then something arrives at Olivia's office: a torn off ear! Everyone is rightfully shocked and grossed out -- and yet Hollis still doesn't budge. He wants a DNA test. 

But those take 48 hours, and the latest message from the kidnapper is that they have 24 hours to deliver the money or else Hollis' daughter dies.

Making A Choice

Olivia sets it up so that the kidnapper gets the first $10 million and another $10 million will be given only during an exchange. So the gang drive up to an old gas station to make the exchange. The daughter is there, bound and bleeding but she escapes safely and is in the hospital.

But the whole situation doesn't sit right with Huck, and he's playing with the ear at the office -- examining it, holding it up and even putting it beside Quinn's head. 

And that's when he figures it out. There's no way that another person removed the ear! There is no kidnapper because Hollis' daughter kidnapped herself! Hollis is seen with flowers entering her room that's empty now. And she's seen getting in a taxi -- with Huck behind the wheel.

This story line was a good way to bring back the show's biggest villain, and I felt bad for him that in the end, his daughter chose the money over her family, which is what he offered now that she had been exposed.

Good, Bad, Good ... And Bad Again

In this episode, Olivia's mostly busy with Hollis' case -- but she does have a date with Jake. She's on the phone with Cyrus as she's finishing getting ready. But the next second, she's changed back to comfy clothes and admits to Jake that she's thinking about another man so can't go on their date.

He gives her this speech about her getting a do-over with him and leaves her with a kiss that makes her admit she's not thinking about this other man.

If there's one thing we've learned this season is that Jake continually makes you question whether he's good or bad. Well, he's bad. Very very bad.

Truth Comes Out

The president has ordered the raid on Osborne's office. This happens after he practically threatens Olivia at her own home for having him followed. Fitz doesn't know Olivia's connection with the whole thing, of course. But he doesn't have to -- Jake is there to nudge him in the right direction.

So the CIA director is let go. By this time, the Hollis ordeal is over, so it appears everything is in order. And then the TV news informs everyone at Olivia's office that Osborne has committed suicide.

As if that's not enough, Jake meets some older man with the Washington Monument in the distance, everything comes out: Everything was staged perfectly. Everyone believes Osborne is -- was -- the Mole. Jake did everything to make it look like a suicide.

What the hell is going on? I have no idea. I don't think Jake is the actual mole, just the mole's friend who does bad things to protect him. The mole is probably the guy that he met with. Who is he? Maybe someone from Fitz's past, when he was in the military? I feel like that could be a connection.

Next week, it looks like Olivia wants to make sure Osborne killed himself ... and that can't end well.

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