'Scandal' Video Preview: Olivia's Date with Peeping Jake
'Scandal' Video Preview: Olivia's Date with Peeping Jake
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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As much as Olivia Pope is so very good at her job, she's so very bad when it comes to her romantic life. There's the president, with whom she continues to have trysts with, there's Edison, who seemed nice enough but didn't provide her with enough (or any) passion and now there's possibly Jake. 

We found out last episode that Jake is watching Olivia from her home. Why? And is Jake even his real name? I'm doubting it.

Check out the trailer from tonight's episode, awesomely named "Boom Goes the Dynamite." (If you don't know the reference, Google/YouTube it.)

Highlights and questions from the preview:

- Olivia and Jake are on a date! 

- Abby and David Rosen are getting it on again. But in a car?

- Olivia is trying to get a man to be the first gay governor of North Carolina. What I'm wondering is, is this past or present? I'm going with the past. Olivia's plate is full after uncovering last week's military secret.

- Olivia is at Fitz's fundraiser or other event where he's giving a speech. This seems present time, but why would Olivia want to go if she has no part in it?

- Jake continues to watch Olivia. The fact that he's watching her while talking to her on the phone is even more creepy. How long has he been watching her? More importantly -- why?

Here's an extended clip of Olivia and Jake on their date: 

What we learn from the preview:

- Jake and Olivia are on a date, sort of. He calls it one, she does not. If you're having champagne on the steps of the Capitol, with those gloves on, aren't you pretty much on a date?

- All of his dates call him Jake, he says. What the heck does that mean? Does he have an alias? Olivia tells him about the super secret military file, and then Jake tells her the mole goes by an alias. Hello, it's totally him! Jake is his alias! 

What are your thoughts about Jake? What's his deal? It definitely appears as if Olivia doesn't trust him one bit. Should she feign interest in order to get a little more information from him?

Scandal airs at 10pm Thursdays on ABC.

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