[Video] 'Saturday Night Live' Promos: Andrew Garfield Barks Like a Dog
[Video] 'Saturday Night Live' Promos: Andrew Garfield Barks Like a Dog
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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One of the most anticipated movies coming out this month is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Sally Field ... oh, and also the hero himself, Andrew Garfield, of course.

The cast has been hitting the talk show circuit like crazy this past week, and Andrew will cap it all off the day after the movie is released by hosting Saturday Night Live for the very first time. The musical guest will be Coldplay.

NBC has released a series of promos featuring the actor who plays Peter Parker and SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan, who believes that Andrew plays either Batman or Superman on the big screen.

Some of you might not know that Andrew Garfield actually has a British accent. But Bobby wants to make sure all bases are covered, so he urges him to also address the American audience, as well as one directed at SNL's supposed dog audience. This is one of the most hilarious bits from all the promos -- not just Andrew's passionate barks, but also his determined and focused facial expressions the entire time. (And don't worry, there are subtitles so we can understand what he's saying.

Bobby also puts the pressure on Andrew to be as good as his on- and off-screen girlfriend, Emma Stone, since the stage was named after her. (Somehow, I don't believe that's true.) Maybe wearing a silly hat and extra-large glasses will help with the laughs.

Check out all the promos below to also see Andrew channel Clint Eastwood by showing off his dramatic acting skills. And stay until the very end to see what Bobby does to make Andrew break down laughing.

Are you looking forward to seeing Andrew Garfield host SNL? How many Spider-Man sketches do you think there will be? And will Andrew get Emma Stone to make a cameo -- we want to see her on TV again, especially after her epic lip-sync battle on the Tonight Show.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:35pm on NBC.

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)

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