'RuPaul's Drag Race' Werk Awards: WTF! These Queens Were Knockouts in the Wrestling Ring
'RuPaul's Drag Race' Werk Awards: WTF! These Queens Were Knockouts in the Wrestling Ring
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night, Ru asked her girls to join the exclusive "WTF! World's Trashiest Fighters" wrestling league, and the queens rose to the challenge, performing sketches and laying the smackdown without even smudging their lipstick.

The episode was full of fun and fishiness, from the ass-stuffing mini-challenge all the way to the queens' girly runway looks. But certain queens really shined bright with their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Here, we honor those queens, with the Week 2 "WERK!" awards. (See last week's awards, and watch this week's episode if you haven't yet.)

Condragulations to...

Queen of the Heavy Hitters: Latrice Royale
On the runway, she was serving pretty in pink Oprah realness. And in the wrestling ring, she was Latrice the Beast, the biggest, baddest bitch we've ever seen! We can't say enough lovely things about Latrice. And we hope we never have to say goodbye.

tumblr_lyzayi4wBr1qlvwnco1_400.gifQueen of the Pocketsize Powerhouses: Kenya Michaels
Kenya Michaels was absolute perfection this week. She was hilarious and looked good in the ring, and we had no idea she could do the splits like that. Plus, her runway look had John Salley doing a legitimate Nicki Minaj double-take. Killer Kenya and Latrice the Beast, the Bitter Betties, made an amazing team in the ring, and should have won this challenge, if you ask us.

didawig.jpgQueen of Sex in the Alley: Dida Ritz
As Rick Fox said, Dida was trying to channel Sex in the City, but ended up looking more like sex in the alley. Her runway wig was a nappy, neon, tangled nightmare. Did it come out of a "Britney Spears on the Brink" costume at a Halloween store?

Queen of Hilarious Helpfulness: Sharon Needles
And we're not just talking about when she told the group, "When making your ass, always draw the shape of Africa." When Madame LaQueer said that she isn't close to her family,  Sharon shred her spooky facade for a moment and revealed the sweetness inside, kissing LaQueer on the forehead and saying that even though they're vain creatures of beauty, drag queens make the best family for each other. Aww!

ryantaylor.jpgKing of the Worst Wrestling Name Imaginable: Ryan "King of Submissions" Taylor
No. No no no no no. To the face, too.

Queen of Attitude: Phi Phi O'Hara
For the second week in a row, Phi Phi was the most pherocious bitch -- out of the ring, that is. And there's more shade to come!

Queen of the Queens We Initially Thought We Liked, But Don't Anymore: Jiggly Caliente
If she's not sharing some sort of excuse, she's screaming "BITCH!" or "NEW YORK!" We had high hopes for Ms. Caliente, but her defensive, aggressive attitude is leaving us muy frio.

Queen of Being on TV a Couple Times and Never Shutting Up About It: Willam
Seriously, we really want to like you, Willam. Please stop spamming our brains with your IMDB credits. Instead, work on your attitude. And your runway outfits. This week's was a Tanya Tucker trailer park treason.

Queen of In-Ring Insults: Willam
But we did really like when Willam called Jiggly Caliente the "plus-sized Jujubee" in the wrestling ring. That helped. A little.

bitchkickers.jpgQueens of the Best WTF! Skit: Team Chad Michaels
Sharon Needles, Milan, Chad and Madame LaQueer had the most hilarious wrestling skit, about the bad girls banging the good girls' boyfriends ... in order to give them a special surprise STD delivery. No wonder their wrestling stood out from the rest. Their characters were burning for that win.

Queen of Triumph: Madame LaQueer
All episode long, she was so stressed about hurting her ankle that we worried she'd crumble in the ring. But not only did she avoid injury as Madame LaCrush -- she kicked major ass and helped her team, The Bitch Kickers, win the challenge. And her boobs looked, well ... they definitely made an impact!

michelle-necklace.jpgQueen of the Necklace that We Want RIGHT NOW: Michelle Visage
WERK, Michelle! And then gimme that.

Queen of the Lipsync: The Princess
We loved her hair, we loved her look, and we loved the way she laid the smackdown on Lashauwn Beyond in the lipsync. She was a little too "zen" for the wrestling challenge, but her fierceness shined through when it really mattered.

lashauwn-bubblegum.jpgQueen of Not Living Up to Her Outfit: Lashauwn Beyond
Her lipsync was sleepy, and just not worthy of her adorable bubblegum gown. There were plenty of balls on Lashauwn's chest, but none in her performance. And that's why she was sent away by the Queen of the catchphrases...

tumblr_lyzb4yWi1n1qlvwnco1_400.gifWhat did you think of "WTF! World's Trashiest Fighters," Drag Racers? Who are your favorite queens so far this season?

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