'Runaway' Creator Writes New Series for Showtime
'Runaway' Creator Writes New Series for Showtime
The hip but harsh era of the 1970s will be brought back in the new drama Studio, a project being developed by the Showtime network.  From Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, Studio focuses on the classic drugs and disco lifestyle of the past.  It was penned by Runaway writer Chad Hodge and produced by MRC.  The Hollywood Reporter also notes that Bryan Singer has been rumored to direct the project, that is, if his busy schedule would allow it.  He has, however, signed on as executive producer with producing partner Alex Garcia. 

Studio will be revolving around the iconic New York nightclub, Studio 54.  It follows the story of the wild and flamboyant co-founder Steve Rubell and begins with the events leading to the opening of the club in April 1977.  Still in development, Studio has been labeled as a fictional series and certainly not a biopic of Rubell, or a docudrama. 

Other characters of Studio have yet to be revealed.  The creators confirmed that only Steve Rubell will be based on a real person.  It has also been declared that the rest of the personalities on the show will be largely constructs, fictional, or composite. 

The project aims to explore the deeper issues that have been entwined in the ‘70s epoch.  It will not exactly be a historical venture, but more of a backdrop for what people had done and accomplished back then.  “It really was a time that has never been seen again,” said Zadan. 

Hodge mentioned that the show was based on Studio 54 because he wanted to expose New York's twists and turns, as well as the social and political controversies faced by the city.  Hodge revealed that he has since been fascinated by the time and place as a teenager, having been born the year the club opened.  “When I was about 15, my uncle told me the story of the night he took my grandparents there, complete with all the unnecessary and inappropriate details,” he said, noting how he immediately got hooked.

“It was the last hurrah before the era of AIDS,” Zadan added.  He and Neil Meron agreed that the idea was unique and plausible, and brought the details of the gritty story to Showtime.  Studio is reported to be packaged by WMA, but no other significant details have been released. 

Meron and Zadan are also credited for their work on the dark series Veritas: The Quest, while Hodge is known for writing popular series like Tru Calling and Runaway

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Zap2It.com
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