'Damages' Season 5 Preview Guide: The Final Showdown
'Damages' Season 5 Preview Guide: The Final Showdown
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A lawsuit against a private military contractor took center stage last season on Damages while Patty and Ellen were at odds over settling the High Star case. But the most significant development in the Patty-Ellen relationship came to a boil as Michael revealed that Ellen is his one and only witness in his custody case against Patty. This certainly sets up the stage for the biggest showdown of the two main characters in the fifth and final season of Damages.

What to Expect from Damages Season 5:

The last season of Damages will revolve around  the controversial subject of government and corporate transparency by exploring a case involving an investment bank employee troubled by her company's conduct. It also involves a website called McClarenTruth.org, which is devoted to government and corporate transparency. This storyline will ultimately pit Patty and Ellen against one another. 

Just to give fans an idea how good and explosive the finale season of Damages could be, Direct TV has released a  very spoilery video. Watch at your own risk then tell us your take in the comments:

In addition to the regular cast, Damages will bring in several recurring characters  including computer expert Channing McClaren (Ryan Phillippe), investment bank employee Naomi Walling (Jenna Elfman),  Patty's old colleague Kate Franklin (Janet McTeer), the chief lieutenant and gatekeeper for McClaren's website Rutger Simon (John Hannah). It will also feature Patty's father (M. Emmet Walsh) who will share a scene with Patty in the finale that is deemed "the strongest scene in the entire series."

Damages season 5 premieres July 11, 2012 on DirecTV. Don't forget to set a reminder using the BuddyTV Guide App!

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