'Jersey Shore' Recap: Pauly Gets a Stalker, Mike Dodges the Issue
'Jersey Shore' Recap: Pauly Gets a Stalker, Mike Dodges the Issue
Pauly's stunning blow out and golden tanned physique seems to acquire a lot of stalkers on Jersey Shore, but the one this week tops the rest. Unlike stalkers of seasons past, this girl doesn't just come out at night and follow him around the clubs, but she actually sits outside the Shore Shop just to get a glimpse of Pauly at work. If that wasn't bad enough, she wears the same outfit and same "Pauly D" hat every time she is spotted. J-Wow's reference to the classic stalker film Misery is spot on as she warns him he might end up the victim of smashed kneecaps. Perhaps he should skip a week of GTL and it will ward off the crazies.

Better Without the Beau

It's kind of funny to think that every time one of the roommates has a significant other, they are actually looked down upon by the others. This week Snooki makes a comment that J-Wow is now more fun because she and Roger have been fighting. Now, look back to Italy with Snooki, Jionni, Ron and Sam. Every time one of them was single or in a fight with their significant other, the others would get all excited and say how much they loved, "single Ronnie" or "single Sam." I'd say they should be happy for whoever can find and keep someone around long enough to endure their ridiculous antics.

Waiting for Some Action

It's been going on since Italy, but Mike has yet to own up to his threats about exposing his alleged hook-up with Snooki. Their phony friendship continues as he slyly plans his revenge with "the unit" and secretively tells the cameras that he is going to get back at her at some point - still waiting for that Mike. Too bad your partner in crime is in Miami for the time being. Until he gets back or you decide to grow a pair, stop acting surprised that your roommates keep ditching you at home.

A Jersey Wedding?

Now this is would be an interesting match made in ... well ... not heaven. Deena's older sister is apparently dating Mike's older brother, but who may be the victim of what "the unit" calls a "smash and dash." My question is why is she calling Mike and telling him about her date with his brother? It seems a little awkward. Once again, Mike is true to his sneaky self and goes from making fun of the situation to acting like he is totally behind this relationship.

What do you think of the hook-up happening between Deena's sister and Mike's brother? Will Mike ever confront Snooki? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every week for your weekly Jersey Shore recap!

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