Rock of Love: More Chances to See Bret Michaels
With weekly episodes of Rock of Love 2, the upcoming DVD of Rock of Love 1 to be released, and his regular touring schedule, Bret Michaels fans have more chances than ever to catch up with their man.

Over the coming weeks, you'll have another chance to catch up with the Poison front man and object of desire from Rock of Love, including a chance to see him to try his luck on the Fox show Don't Forget the Lyrics!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!, which starts a new season on Thursday, will be featuring a special all-celebrity version of the show. Bret and other celebrities will be giving the show a shot over recent weeks, competing for charities of their choice. Bret is, of course, competing for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. , a cause after his own heart due to his lifelong management of the disease.

Bret is joining the ranks of other celebrities like Boyz II Men, Kevin Cronin and Kimberly Locke. Wayne Brady is hosting.

Other chances to catch up with Bret include his appearance this summer at Rocklahoma, an annual music festival in – naturally – Oklahoma. Bret will be headlining the festival in July and will be singing both his classic Poison hits as well as songs from his solo career.

The Rock of Love star will also be the featured host of a special television presentation for a Time-Life collection called Hard and Heavy. The collection is billed as “the most complete collection of hard-rocking hits of the '70s and '80s ever assembled…a nine-CD set including seven CDs plus a bonus two-CD set of power ballads…filled with 152 songs by 88 artists — the ultimate high-decibel experience.”

Bret also continues his national touring, with dates in May in Mississippi and Oklahoma, and in June in New York and Wisconsin. His fans can always find his up-to-date schedule on his website,

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of VH1)