Rock of Love: Brandi M. Clears Up Relationship Rumors
Winning Rock of Love: Charm School doesn't guarantee that others will behave better around you, and Brandi M is learning that fact.  She was recently spotted with adult film director Jason Green, causing the media to conclude that the two are dating.  However, Brandi M. assures everyone that they're not.

Earlier in January, Brandi M attended the AVN Awards, which is the equivalent of the Oscars in the adult industry.  She walked the red carpet with Green, the co-owner of Paradise Visuals, an adult production company based in Las Vegas.  During the event, Green was asked about his opinion of Brandi M.  What he said might have caused the whole issue to blow out of proportion.

“I knew she was a cool girl, when at the awards she wanted to climb over a row to get to our seats in a dress with no underwear,” he claimed.  “I think I told her I loved her right then.”  Sharon Osbourne might not approve of the underpants idea, and Brandi M. surely isn't approving any romantic links with Green.

VH1 checked in with the Rock of Love: Charm School winner, and her statement is as blatant as it can get.  “F*** no! Jason and I are just friends.  I am very single.”  The rumors have been disproved, despite Green's MySpace photo of himself and Brandi.  Maybe his statement was meant in a platonic way after all.

Brandi M. rose to fame in Rock of Love, and was eliminated after a night of intoxication with fellow contestant Lacey Conner.  She later redeemed herself with her victory on Rock of Love: Charm School, impressing headmistress Sharon Osbourne with how much she'd changed over the course of the season.

Meanwhile, Jason Green is a well-known name in the adult film business.  Before he got into pornography though, he worked on MTV's The Real World and The Geraldo Rivera Show.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1, The Frisky
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