Rock of Love 2: Heather and Daisy Talk About the Cat Fight
After all Daisy de la Hoya said about moving on after her experience on Rock of Love 2, we saw her discussing with Bret Michaels how she felt so used and taken advantage of.  She used the word "vulnerability" quite a lot, saying that Bret took advantage of her during the final night.  During the Rock of Love 2 Reunion Show, Daisy was unfortunately seated beside season 1 runner-up, Heather Chadwell, who seemed to have grown tired of hearing Daisy's complaints about Bret not having a deeper connection with her.

Much to the fans surprise—or should we say, delight—little Daisy bounced off her seat and starting ranting at Heather, who got really fed up and hit Daisy back in the head.  The fight ensued until Riki Rachtman and Bret Michaels himself pulled apart the ladies, who angrily stomped off the stage in different directions.

"I feel like it was really lame," Daisy said after the fight.  "I don’t understand what I did to Heather and why she’s so angry and mean to me.  It sucks."

"I was sick and fed up," says Heather.  Apparently it wasn't just Daisy's complaints that really got to Heather.  In her post-reunion interview, Heather revealed her encounter with Daisy outside Rock of Love, and how she developed a grudge against Daisy.

Heather said that while on Rock of Love 2, Daisy opened up to her and told her a lot of things that the audiences didn't know about.  The two formed a great bond, despite the fact that Heather was just "paid to go on Rock of Love 2 and find out the dirt on these girls."

"[Daisy] told me a lot of things about herself that could not be aired," Heather recalled.  "I know things about her that the public doesn’t, and I’m not going into my interviews, putting her on blast.  I could completely ruin her career, and I have not done that."

Following Rock of Love 2, Heather went away to attend to her other projects, and Daisy followed to do an interview with Heather.

"I took that opportunity to apologize to her and let her know that I felt bad that we had to meet in the situation we did, on Rock of Love 2," Heather said.  "I took the opportunity to let her know that I’ve moved on in my life, that Bret and I are just friends, that I have a new romance on the show I’m doing.  It was cool."

However, after Daisy claimed to have moved on from her Rock of Love experience, she was after Heather's new man, Charles.

"She comes back, and she’s calling the guy I just had an interview about," Heather said.  "She interviews him, and she’s all over him.  I come back to the States and people are telling me that she’s reaching out to him online, for the world to see."

Daisy, on the other hand, seems to be very clueless about why Heather attacked her.

"I don’t understand what her problem is," Daisy said.  "What makes me upset is that I was up there trying to talk to Bret about my feelings and my thoughts and all that stuff.  She just kept talking and it was like, this is not a conversation between you and Bret.  It’s a conversation between me and Bret...It really made me upset that she was up there sitting with me."

In fact, Daisy still remembers bonding with Heather and opening up to her.  Again, Daisy claims that she was taken advantage of, as Heather supposedly used the information she got against Daisy.

"I opened up to her," Daisy said.  "I felt like maybe she could relate to me. But instead she took advantage of that and decided to use it against me for whatever reason.  She just doesn’t like me, and that’s just really lame."

Nonetheless, the crowd seemed to be entertained by the cat fight, about which a very concerned Daisy worried about her hair extensions.

"Heather’s pulling my hair and then she punches me on my head five times.  Again, I didn’t really care," Daisy recalled.  "The only thing I could think about was, please don’t ruin my hair...Do not let her pull my extensions out and totally embarrass me on national television more than I already have been."

As if that wasn't enough embarrassment for both Daisy and Heather, Daisy suggested that they do a real boxing fight on TV.

"You know what I really think we should just do?  A televised Heather vs. Daisy fight, in the ring, boxing gloves.  Just get it all out there," Daisy said.

Heather on the other hand, says it's "childish" and "stupid."  In fact, she says that Daisy "likes having people feel sorry for her."

Daisy, on the other hand, seems to think that she was a big loser in all of this, saying, "I opened myself up more than any of the girls, and I feel like I got kicked around left and right by everyone.  The girls, Bret.  It was just really lame.  I didn’t walk away with the man that I wanted.  I walked away with heartache."

After the reunion show, Daisy walked away with not just a heartache, but a big headache as well.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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