Rock of Love 2: Episode 11 "Rockin' the 'Rents" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Rock of Love 2: The final four and Heather went to Las Vegas, where all hell broke loose as everyone turned on Daisy. But it was sweet, innocent Jessica who was sent home.

The final three return to the mansion and Big John instructs them to clean up for some special guests. First in the door is Ambre's dad, who she describes as a conservative, church-going Southern gentleman. He has a bit of a bald spot, so maybe Bret Michaels will lend him a bandana. Destiney's parents are next, and Bret describes them as biker hippies. Daisy is very sad, because she doesn't really have a relationship with either of her parents and hasn't seen them for several years, so she doesn't know who is coming. The doorbell rings, and it's her “surrogate sister” Stephanie, who is actually Daisy's ex-boyfriend Charles' real sister. Even Bret isn't stupid enough to miss those red flags.

Things get off to an emotional start when Bret offers drinks, and Destiney's dad refuses because he has liver cancer. He says the doctors have given him until March, and indeed, sadly, Destiney's father passed away last month.

Bret and the two dads go outside to man the barbecue, and Ambre's dad lets it slips that she's 37, but she told Bret she was only 32. What a dumb, easily disprovable lie. At the dinner table, Destiney goes on a long comedy routine about liking breasts (referring to the chicken). Afterwards, Bret sits everyone down to show them some Poison concert footage. Destiney takes this time to dance around like the super groupie she is.

Bret decides to take each girl and her parents (or surrogate sister) out on a solo date. He takes Daisy and Stephanie to some rock ‘n' roll club, and all he wants to talk about is the Charles situation. Man, even I'm tired of rehashing this old chestnut. Both Daisy and Stephanie try to explain how it really is over, and I feel bad for Stephanie, stuck in the middle of this Daisy/Charles ordeal.

Back at the mansion, Ambre's dad asks Destiney about what would happen if she won, and Destiney's answer doesn't mention Bret, just the TV, video and other career opportunities she'll continue to explore. The next morning, Bret takes Destiney and her parents out for a ride on some motorcycles. Bret has Destiney on his hog, while Destiney's dad drives his own with his old lady holding on. This episode is like a love letter to Destiney's father, and I fully support that. They drive up to a tattoo parlor. Don't do it, Destiney! But it's too late, as she's getting the Rock of Love logo tattooed on the back of her neck. However, to her credit, she learned from Heather's tragic mistake in season 1 and just goes for the heart with two daggers through it, but she doesn't have Bret's name or even the words “Rock of Love” added.

Finally, Bret takes Ambre and her dad out for sushi. That poor old man. Much like Ambre's dad, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and have no interest in raw fish, but he's a good enough sport about it. Bret also inquires about the age lie. She apologizes profusely, saying she didn't mean to, but she has to act younger than she is for her career.

The parents then leave the mansion, and Ambre's dad forever endears himself to me by saying, “I think any father feels like their daughter deserves probably better than Bret, but he's a good guy.” When Destiney thanks Bret for bringing her parents here, he tells her to “Make yourself at home for three more minutes.” He tries to cover, but as we'll see, he totally let the cat of the bag early.

Before elimination, Daisy and Ambre team up against Destiney, calling her out on just being a groupie. Daisy poses a hilarious hypothetical, wondering if Destiney would still be here if the guy was Jon Bon Jovi or John Stamos instead of Bret. In my mind, and I suspect the minds of many, those two would be much better choices, and I would love to see a Stamos dating show, with Dave Coulier serving as his butler.

Rock of Love 2 Elimination Time! Tonight's elimination is relatively quick and painless, as groupie Destiney is eliminated because she's enjoying the experience more than Bret himself.

Next week on Rock of Love 2: It's the 90-minute finale in Cancun! Will 44-year-old Bret Michaels choose the age appropriate 37-year-old Ambre, or the emotional baggage-ridden 25-year-old Daisy who still lives with her ex-boyfriend. I hope my bias isn't too obvious.

This episode ends with a touching, silent tribute to Tommy Moore, Destiney's father, who passed away last month. It's just a shot of him riding a motorcycle from this episode. From what little we got to see of him on this show, he seemed like an awesome, upbeat guy.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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