Rock of Love 2: Dark Horses and Underdogs
Last week, Rock of Love 2 attempted to squeeze a little drama from the episode by making it appear that Daisy was going to be eliminated. The show needed to do a little switcheroo because so far, it's seemed pretty apparent which women he seems most interested in, and which ones are likely to go next.

Will this next week's episode see any major shifts? Or while Daisy and Bret Michaels' physical chemistry continue to be a major focus while Kristy Joe's emotional rollercoaster brings the drama? There are still several contestants left in the running, so here's a little bit on two other contestants, Ambre and Jessica. Could either of these contestants emerge from being the underdog to the dark horse player in the game of Rock of Love 2?

Ambre was almost eliminated at the start of Rock of Love 2. Since then though, she's been fighting her way back, and Bret was seriously impressed by her commitment in the recent Mud Bowl. So who is exactly is this Ambre?

Her bio on her website says she is “an accomplished actress who began her acting career at a very young age.” She's completed Bachelors and Masters degrees focusing on Acting and Dance. She had a role as a wedding coordinator in Sweet Home Alabama, and has appeared in other programs and commercials. She's done voiceover, print work and currently co-hosts and produces “the nationally syndicated show Health & Lifestyles Weekly.”

And what about Jessica? She's been seriously flying under the radar for nearly the entire season, and she knows it. She recently posted a note to her fans. She wrote, “Everyone has been messaging me and recommending that I step up my game, so I can win a date with Bret! I just wanted to respond to everyone!!! Trust me! I am def. working on it! Bret is amazing and he is worth the fight, but I am never going to be a super high drama girl, it's just not my style! I am crazy about Bret though!!! Next week is gonna be a wild episode.”

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of VH1)