Rock of Love 2: Daisy - Love Her or Hate Her?
Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…she's been the target of a lot of animosity in the Rock of Love 2 house, and seems to elicit some strong reactions from the viewers as well. She's also been the subject of a Saturday Night Live parody, and her unique, twitchy, swollen-lipped manner of speaking inspired Tina Fey to hit new levels of hilarity.

This week, Bret Michaels picks between her and Ambre, and the two women couldn't be more different. Ambre was nearly sent home at the start of this season. That's not a good sign of strong physical chemistry between Ambre and Bret, a man who has never shied away from detailing exactly how much influence his nether regions have on his decision-making process.

Daisy, on the other hand, seems to float Bret's boat, so to speak, in a big way. But even he seems as conflicted about Daisy as do the viewers themselves. Daisy: love her or hate her?

It's generally considered impolite to make critical comments about people's personal appearance. One of the reasons that became a part of etiquette in the first place is it used to be there wasn't a whole heck of a lot people could do to change their appearance outside of haircuts and diets.

Nowadays, though – and with someone like Daisy in particular – calling attention to how she looks isn't so much calling attention just to her physical appearance, but also to her aesthetic taste, because in her case, she did pick some of her features.

To some, she's an example of the scary trend lately of attention-seeking women desperate to fit into an appearance-obsessed culture by surgically altering themselves to look as much like a Bratz doll as humanly possibly.

To others, though, she's got the look of today, and haters just ought to get with the times. As one of our commenters, mscunningham eloquently put it: "she is hott, it's 2008 not 1960 so her look is great."

And to someone like Bret, it might not even come to a careful consideration of technological advances creating a change in what's considered beautiful. He might just like that she's got an enormous rack.

But beauty is only skin deep, right? So what about Daisy as a person?

Some commenters have found her sweet, genuine and apparently truly into Bret on Rock of Love 2. Commenter VMG07 pointed out that when Destiney attacked Daisy, Daisy “handled it pretty well.” Daisy also did manage to keep a good sense of humor about herself and the SNL skit, so one has to give her some credit for that.

Others, though, are irritated by how she presents herself on the show. Commenter jgracie said, “You're a grown up, stop dressing like you're 13 and sneaking out to go to friends house. BE A WOMAN!! Talk like a big girl, dress like a lady and quit acting like Bret is the end all be all.”

Others also take issue with the fact that she seemed to keep being a stripper and knowing Bret's bandmate under her hat as long as she did, and that she continues to live with her ex.

Those on Team Daisy, though, point out that everybody's got a past, and that folks maybe shouldn't judge so harshly. Daisy fan mscunningham weighs in again, saying, “At least Daisy admits to her life and isn't ashamed of her past, stop acting like everyone is perfect 'cause we're not.”

Whether or not Bret decides to move from ambivalence to something approaching love with Daisy remains to be seen, but even those who aren't necessarily on Team Daisy worry if ending up with someone like Bret would really be the best call for her. Commenter KitKat101 wonders if a relationship with Bret will end up doing Daisy more harm than good. “Sad part is that if they stay together, Daisy may never have a chance to develop her own path in life. After seeing she doesn't have any close parents, it explains a lot and I really am sad for her in that area! It can make a person very insecure and vulnerable to the wrong kind of relationships.”

We'll find out what happens between Daisy, Bret and Ambre on Sunday's Rock of Love 2.

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- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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