Preview of 'Rock of Love Bus' Reunion
Bret Michaels has found his third Rock of Love, presenting the anticipated ring to her as they stood on the beach in Puerto Rico.  Now, three months later, he joins her in greeting (and gloating) as the rest of the girls return for the Rock of Love Bus reunion special.

Tonight, relive the unforgettable season with Bret and the ladies as they sit down and reminisce over the third season of the VH1 reality dating series. While it might seem tame at first, this is Rock of Love we're talking about.  Claws have been sharpened and the girls are ready to reveal secrets you never thought you'd hear. 

Alliances and betrayals will be reviewed, and each drunken night will be relived on the reunion.  Find out the origins of the term "Blondtourage" if you don't know it yet, and why it's been forever embedded in Bret's vocabulary.

If that's not enough excitement for you, the reunion special promises to have a catfight.  According to VH1, "Before it's all over, blows will be traded and one of the girls will make a tearful confession that might change her and Bret's future forever."

On the finale of Rock of Love Bus, Bret Michaels made one tough decision as he was faced with Mindy Hall and Taya Parker.  The trio headed to the Dominican Republic, spent some time alone and eventually elimination time came.  Bret called Mindy first, said he adored her but told her that the ring wasn't meant for her.  A defeated Mindy walked away, with her opponent gloating as she took every step out.

Now, Taya doesn't only hold the title of Penthouse Pet of the Year; she can add Bret Michael's Rock of Love to her list of credentials.  The bus keeps on rolling, but it looks as though Bret's not the only one on the driver's seat.  With his new Rock of Love, Taya Laurie Parker (Michaels?), he's headed towards one wild ride.  Still, there were 22 other girls who fought their hearts out to be in her place.  Once they get together, who knows what can happen?  It's going to be one intense reunion tomorrow night at 9pm on VH1.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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