Bret Wants Jennifer Aniston on His 'Rock of Love: Bus'?
It's not enough that he has dozens of ladies vying for his affections on Rock of Love, because Bret Michaels has his eye on actress Jennifer Aniston.  The only problem is that she's still dating another musician: John Mayer.  But while the two are having relationship problems due to Mayer's schedule, Bret's not about to swoop in and take Jen just yet. 

As Bret is obviously busy with his reality dating show and tours, it's unlikely that he'll compete for Jennifer Aniston's heart anytime soon (how ironic).  Even so, a friend of the Poison frontman revealed that the rock star knows that she's his ideal girl.

“Bret is really crushing on Jen,” the insider confessed.  “He says she's the kind of girl you can have a good time with, but can still take home to Mom.” 

Meanwhile, John Mayer's reps have been busy clearing up rumors about his on-again, off-again relationship with Aniston.  She's tired of the inconsistency of it all, but she's holding out pretty well.  Aniston is preparing for the release of her new movie He's Just Not That Into You, which opens in theaters this week.  Both of them are too wrapped up with their own showbiz lives that they barely have time for each other.

A friend of Mayer commented on the issue, saying “He keeps her in limbo.  She and John see each other and sleep with each other, but are they getting ready to walk down the aisle?  No.  Jennifer knows that.  But at the same time, no girl wants to spend every night alone.  She needs to accept the title of her new movie to be the title of her life.”

If Jennifer Aniston does find time to think about Bret's feelings, she'll see that he's more than willing to take her in.  However, Mayer's pal doesn't seem to think it'll work out too well. “Jen can date whoever she pleases, but she should keep in mind that John's tour bus is so much better than Bret's!”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Daily News
(Image Courtesy of VH1, Google)