'Rob!' Season 1 Preview Guide: It's All in the (Crazy) Family
'Rob!' Season 1 Preview Guide: It's All in the (Crazy) Family
Isn't it about time they got Rob Schneider his own TV show? Well, thanks CBS! for your upcoming series Rob! 

Starring in his own comedy, the actor more commonly known for his supporting roles is finally taking the lead. Rob! season 1 introduces us to Rob, a man used to solitude and the single life. But this bachelor somehow finds himself marrying a woman and her Mexican-American family. Her huge, not to mention potentially crazy, Mexican-American family.

What to Expect on Rob! season 1:

From his Adam Sandler movie cameos to Deuce Bigalow and The Hot Chick, Rob Schneider has shown just what style of comedy he's capable of. We expect to see more of those antics on this CBS midseason offer, which he co-wrote with Lew Morton (Saturday Night Live, Futurama).

Rob! was reportedly based on the actor's real-life experiences. According to Deadline, the original pilot was turned down but was given another chance. The revamped series, with major changes in casting and the script, is what we're about to see next year. 

Portraying Schneider's onscreen wife Maggie on Rob! season 1 is Spanish actress Claudia Bassols. She has appeared in the movies Blackout with Amber Tamblyn, and starred alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme in 2009's The Eagle Path.

Meanwhile, Diana-Maria Riva has been cast as Rob's mother-in-law, Rosa. She recently appeared in FOX's The Good Guys as Lt. Ana Ruiz. Her husband, Fernando, will be portrayed by Cheech Marin, star of Nash Bridges and half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong.

Other stars on Rob! include Lupe Ontiveros as Maggie's grandmother and Eugenio Derbez as her uncle. That's the family so far, but we're pretty sure we'll meet a few more odd characters as the series progresses.

Rob! season 1 premieres on January 12 at 8:30 pm on CBS, right after The Big Bang Theory.

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