'Riverdale' Theory: Have We Met the Fourth Musketeer?
'Riverdale' Theory: Have We Met the Fourth Musketeer?
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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Was there another member of the gang before we met them? A line in the Riverdale episode "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend" suggests that there might have been. By now we know that Archie, Betty and Jughead have been friends since they were little kids. When Archie refers to them in their childhood, Betty corrects him by saying, "There were four Musketeers." So who could this fourth musketeer have been? Let's discuss.

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Let's first just acknowledge that this could have been a throwaway line with no meaning whatsoever other than Betty correcting Archie that in the book, there were originally four musketeers and not three. Now that that's out of the way, let's acknowledge that any subtlety in a show like this should be openly investigated, so here we go.

If we're going off of the Archie Comics canon, let's take a look at what we know about Archie's childhood -- his closest friends were Jughead, Betty, Reggie, Dilton and Moose. In Riverdale, this is still true for Jughead and Betty, but not for the other three. If there actually was a fourth to this gang, it could very well have been one of this trio.

Reggie Mantle

Riverdale Reggie Mantle.jpg Reggie is the most likely of candidates. In the comics, he and Archie are actually pretty close friends, despite their constant rivalry. The two compete in sports and over Veronica's affection constantly, but for whatever reason, still hang out together. In Riverdale, the competive nature still seems to be there, but not over Veronica as of yet. Also absent is any friendship they may have. All we've really seen is them fighting. Still, it seems the most likely that before they became like this, they were once all friends at a young age.

Dilton Doiley

Riverdale Dilton Doiley.jpg Dilton's a little crazy in Riverdale. We know him as the gun-obsessed, pretentiously smart survivalist, but comic book fans know him as a kind, exceptionally bright friend to Archie and Jughead. There doesn't seem to be any friendship whatsoever here, but given how he marches to the beat of his own drum like Jughead, we can't help but feel they may had a few things in common at one point.

Moose Mason

Riverdale Moose Mason.jpg We probably know the least about Moose. Aside from being an in-the-closet athlete who hooked up with Kevin a couple of times, we haven't seen him interact with the gang at all really. Hopefully the show dives deeper into his backstory. The comics depict Moose as lovable, not much of a thinker and extremely jealous. While those characteristics might put him under your suspicion for Jason's murder, they also match well with that of Archie, Jughead and Betty. It would not be surprising to learn that he at one time was very close with this group.

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Who do you think was the fourth musketeer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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