'Ringer' Recap: Pulling Back the Curtain
'Ringer' Recap: Pulling Back the Curtain
Last week I noted that the outrageous plot twists and turns are what make Ringer an interesting watch, if nothing else. I'd hate to pull a flip-flop, but it is a campaign year, and I may be close to doing that. It seems that every event that happens is inferred to be caused by one person, only to be completely switched on you two or three episodes later. That trend continues this week.

Masked Man

The episode picks up directly where last week's left off, with Andrew shot in the shoulder. Solomon calls 911 while Victor chases the suspect down into an alley. Victor stops the man, who is wearing a mask, but loses him when a crowd appears out of nowhere. The man runs to a fence, and gets away, but not before Victor forces a tarot card to fall out of his pocket.

At the hospital, Bridget tells Juliet what happened. Juliet does the responsible thing and immediately calls the man that was having an affair with her step-mom. She asks him to pick up some things and bring them to the hospital. Henry, being the good, responsible person he is, cuts off his late-night cuddlefest with Siobhan and leaves. When he gets to the hospital, the doctor tells everyone that Andrew successfully made it through surgery and will make a full recovery.

Prime Suspects

Henry goes back home where an angry Siobhan is waiting for him. How dare he leave to help out someone who was nearly fatally shot! Henry finally has a moment of clarity and calls Siobhan a liar and a sociopath and kicks her out. Good job, Henry. You're finally acting like a sensible human being.

Back at the hospital, Andrew wakes up and Bridget tells him that she is coming back home and gives him a kiss. It appears that the best way to end marital strife is to take a bullet for your spouse. I may need to note this down somewhere for future reference. She then tells him that she was previously attacked at the loft, and killed her attacker. He asks why she never told him, but the obvious answer to that is you don't blab to people after killing someone. Bridget then asks Andrew what he was doing at Malcolm's hotel, and he tells her that Olivia made him bribe Malcolm to leave and keep quiet. He then suspects her behind all of the evil shenanigans going on.

The Kids Are Alright

Henry goes to his father-in-law's house to drop off his sons "for the weekend." While they are not seen on camera, they are at least heard in the background. This is the closest thing to their existence since the first handful of episodes. Henry also tells Tim that he needs to get out of Martin/Charles, even though he just told him to invest with them. While I'm sure that Tim has his suspicions, all that matters is that the twins are still alive, not matter how much Henry neglects them.

Victor goes to the hospital to question Andrew about going to Malcolm's hotel, then informs Andrew and Bridget that Malcolm was about to turn witness against Macawi before his disappearance. He then asks if they have heard from Olivia, which they haven't. After he leaves, Bridget has Solomon break into Olivia's apartment to look around. He finds nothing except for a pad of paper, which he uses a pencil on to find out what was written on the missing page, like in The Big Lebowski. He finds a cryptic set of letters and numbers and not a sketch of a naked man though. As he leaves, Victor goes in and notices the lock was picked, but finds nothing inside. Solomon Tells Bridget what he found, and leaves, allowing Bridget, Andrew and Catherine to tell Juliet that she is going to Miami with her mom.

Full Confession

The next day, Siobhan calls Henry to apologize and leaves a message saying that she is going to tell Andrew the entire truth. As Siobhan gets to the hotel, Henry is able to stop her before she tells Andrew. He was pissed at her before for lying to everyone, then freaks out that she is trying to tell the truth. Make up your mind! Back at the apartment, Bridget talks to Juliet while she is packing, but Juliet is less than pleased to be moving in with her crazy mother.

Bridget leaves to go to see Andrew, and is spotted by Siobhan and Henry in the hallway. Siobhan leaves and Henry tells her that he was just stopping by but has to leave. Bridget goes into Andrew's room to find Catherine and the police. It turns out that Catherine took Juliet to her school to get some things and Juliet is now missing. It turns out that the piece of paper from Olivia's contained the address of Juliet's school. It looks like Olivia is making it personal.

Case Closed

As Bridget and Andrew start the search for Juliet, Henry and Siobhan have a Come-To-Jesus meeting and clear the air. It turns out that Henry is the one who killed Tyler and stole the flash drive. It wasn't on purpose -- they got into a fight and Henry through Tyler who cracked his head open. Siobhan says it will be over soon, until Henry tells her that he gave the flash drive to Tim as proof to get his money back. Good going, Henry. Prolong this for everyone.

Meanwhile, Bridget realizes that Juliet was packing a lot of warm clothes for Florida and tracks her down to the house in the Hamptons. The two talk and Juliet spills the beans about the scheme to get settlement money out of Andrew to make up for her trust. The two go back to New York, and Bridget finds Victor talking to Andrew. It turns out that a body was found of one of Macawi's henchmen, and he had Malcolm's wallet. Things don't look good for Malcolm, anx it looks like Macawi may be making a big push to get rid of Bridget.

Once again, the episode ends with more questions than answers, but it is nice knowing that things have to start wrapping up here shortly. I would comment on the promo for next week, but those are even more misleading than the average episode of this show!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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