'Ringer' Recap: Playing Both Sides
'Ringer' Recap: Playing Both Sides
Well, there were six episodes of Ringer left before tonight's episode, so you would think that we have a bit of a grasp of what's going on. Just when you get comfortable with how things are going and who is doing what, it throws twists at you fast and furious. Ridiculous? Yes, but it is entertaining.

Find the Flash

Siobhan calls Henry from in front of a green screen, no, wait, it's "Paris," to tell him about Tyler coming back to France. I thought we put these graphic shenanigans behind us after the pilot. Henry tells Siobhan that Tyler won't be able to make his flight due to his untimely murder. We are then treated to a flashback of how great Siobhan's marriage was, with Siobhan telling Andrew she knows about the Ponzi scheme, and Andrew saying he'll kill her if she talks. What a cute couple. Siobhan also found out that she was being followed by a hitman before she left. Eeks! Back in the present, Andrew and Olivia are wringing their hands about the missing flash drive. Olivia suggests that Bridget has it and that Andrew needs to do whatever he can to get it back.

While this is going on, Bridget tries to call Malcolm, but is greeted by his familiar vice mail message. Bridget looks for her secret phone, only to be confronted by Andrew. He asks her about the flash drive, but she just tells him she doesn't know what he is talking about and leaves. She goes back downstairs and tells Solomon that she couldn't find the phone. Since Solomon is in this episode, that means that we won't be seeing Malcolm. Maybe they're the same person, like Superman and Clark Kent?

Malcolm in the Middle

Victor takes time out of his day to tell Macawi that he is going down, and then smugly calls the New York FBI office to have Malcolm ready. Victor flies to New York, only to be told that Malcolm never turned himself in. Victor is forced to learn the old saying, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." Victor starts a dragnet to uncover where Malcolm is. He finds out that Malcolm's last employer was Martin/Charles. He asks Olivia and Andrew questions, but they play dumb.

Bridget ad Solomon are also looking for Malcolm when Bridget remembers that Malcolm installed the GPS tracker on their phones. They follow the signal to a drug den, and during their search Bridget gets attacked, but acts like it's no big deal. I guess the scene was supposed to show that Solomon is good at protecting her, but it just seemed really out of place how non-chalant she was about it. They follow the signal, but instead of finding off-the-wagon Malcolm, they find some other bum who says he found the phone behind a dumpster.


Bridget and Solomon start their search from scratch and go to the hotel that Malcolm was staying at. Bridget distracts the guy at the desk by trying to explain the insane twists that have happened to her since she came to New York while Solomon steals the surveillance tapes. They go back to her apartment and watch the tapes, only to see Andrews in his "menacing" all black outfit appear on screen.

While all this is going on, Juliet is on her way to have lunch with her mom, Catherine. On the way up to her room, she is approached by one of those good-looking bad boys that always seem to get the girl. He has a stupid looking Eye of Horus tattoo on is arm and bloody knuckles. What a winner. They exchange numbers and Juliet goes to eat her meal.

Terrible Disguise

While watching the surveillance video, Solomon tells Bridget that he knows her true identity. She asks him how he knows, and explains that her stupid questions on their first meeting, mixed with her disappearing car sickness and fingerprints told him the truth. Solomon says he doesn't care who she is because he wants his paycheck. Can't blame a guy for his honesty.

Siobhan makes yet another international flight to surprise Henry at his house. Her unborn babies already have more air travel under their belts than I do. Henry says that he has had enough of her lies and games and threatens to leave. Siobhan then explains to him how she switched lives with Bridget, and used her as a sacrifice to get killed by the hitman while she got more dirt on Andrew. Why so spiteful? She still blames her for the death of Sean, even though she really didn't do anything wrong. Henry agrees to stay, even after all the insane things Siobhan just told him. What an idiot. He texts Bridget to set up a meeting that night.

Take One For the Team

While Henry makes Bridget wait for their meeting, Siobhan confronts Andrew and tells him that she hates him, and hopes he gets arrested, and is a poopy head. While this is happening, Juliet finds out from Tessa that Cash, the street tough, is the one who beat her up. She then finds out that Catherine was the one who hired him. Juliet storms off before yelling the one thing that had never been uttered before. "I wish Siobhan was my mother." I believe this to be a sign of the apocalypse.

Bridget gets tired of waiting on Henry and gets up to leave with Solomon when she gets a text from Malcolm to meet her at the loft. They both go and Solomon leaves to check the roof. Andrew appears out of the shadows like some sort of high English ninja and tells Bridget that he loves her and won't hurt her. Just then, gun shots go off. Victor, who was in front of the loft, hears them and rushed upstairs to find Andrew shot.

That leaves us with five more episodes until the season (and series?) finale.The twists keep coming in Ringer, and even though they are grasping at straws, it's still all mindlessly fun entertainment.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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