'Project Runway' Recap: Making Balls Their Business
'Project Runway' Recap: Making Balls Their Business
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The games continue tonight on Project Runway: Teams as the Dream Team and Team Keeping it Real juggle the competition and their teammates. 

Now that first impressions have been made and everyone is getting to know one another, it's time to get to know Susan Sarandon? Yes, the Academy Award winner is lending her sudden fashion expertise as she takes the guest judge seat tonight and promotes her new ping-pong club, SPiN.

"I'm really sad Emily's going home and it's kind of sad that we didn't offer her help until the last minute," whines Matthew. It's the name of the game, designers! TEAMS! If you don't help your team members, then most likely you'll be on the losing end. You're only as strong as your weakest link. 

At Spin New York City, Tim and Brandon Hirsch welcome the designers to the latest trend in NYC nightlife. A ping-pong club. The place just looks like a wreck hall and a glow in the dark putt-putt golf spot had a baby.

Before committing to the challenge, the designers are put to work. They have to experience what the staff has to take on on a daily basis in order to understand what designs would work best in their environment. They do it all, from serving food and drinks to playing "ball boy," one would sure hope they make a good buck.

SPiN Challenge: The teams must collaborate on uniforms for Spin New York City.  "Balls are our business" is their motto and these five individual pieces (three for women, two for men) must display comfort, style and allow for movement. 

While frantically ripping and running around Mood for fabric, we learn that Joseph of Team Keeping It Real has a very unique business. He takes vintage sweaters and incorporates a special pattern. A pattern depicting a mountain of cats. Is anyone else hoping to see a vintage challenge this season?

In the Workroom

Dream Team

Cindy accuses Benjamin of "micro-managing" her. James, the lone ranger who would rather work in the corner, has constructed the most hideous table. He says it mimics a ping-pong table, but it actually looks more like garbage.

More importantly! Let's talk about Matthew's alternative for boring jeans. With Tim's suggestion, Matthew commits to creating a kilt! The man skirt will feature the Spin logo "Balls are our business" on the front flap. Genius!

Team KIT

There really isn't much happening on this side that looks exciting. No drama. Everyone is working well together. Boring!

Thanks to Kate, we get a first person account of her team's progress before they hit the runway. "Looking around," she starts, "I don't really like any of my team's looks." This doesn't look good at all.

The Runway

Judges: Nina Garcia and Zac Posen
Guest Judge: Susan Sarandon

Again, Team Keeping It Real comes out on top. The top looks go to Layana and Daniel, Joseph and Richard and Stanley.

Layana and Daniel collectively created a waitress outfit with a short/skirt invention and vest look which Susan, who has never heard of a "skort" before, calls, "fun and sexy." Actually, Daniel created most of the design while Layana simply watched and learned. 

Stanley's sweatshirt and tapered modern jeans may not look like much at first glance, yet Nina believes it to be "edgy." I really don't see it. It's all black and boring. 

Joseph and Richard worked very well together to create a mens' look that is both stylish and appropriately functional. The model is dressed in comfortable looking, baggy pants, a t-shirt and a fancy holder to keep the ball net in while cleaning tables.

Dream Team, poor Dream Team. Their lack of being a team places them on the losing end again. Collaborations between Benjamin and Cindy, Benjamin and Matthew and then James' individual design are the worst of the worst.

James' sole project for a male server walks the runway looking very sloppy. Does Heidi want a man's underarm hair exposed as he serves her burger and fries? Of course not!

Benjamin and Cindy present their jacket and shorts combination. The look is too sophisticated for the client's needs. Strike one for Benjamin.

Benjamin and Matthew sent the kilt down the runway. "I can tell you it's very ... ballsy!" says Susan, but that doesn't mean that the judges liked it. Heidi calls it "tasteless." That's two strikes against Benjamin.

So who wins and who goes home?

Challenge Winner: Layana
Eliminated: James

"I just feel like I should have taken control from the get go," James says to cameras. 

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, the heat is on. The teams design for Heidi Klum, hoping to see the fashion mogul show off their designs around the world. Tune in Thursday nights on Lifetime!

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