'Revolution' Spring Premiere Preview: Monroe Attacks the Rebels on 'The Stand'
'Revolution' Spring Premiere Preview: Monroe Attacks the Rebels on 'The Stand'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Four months ago, Revolution left viewers wondering what would happen to Miles and his group after rescuing Danny, finding Rachel alive, and escaping from Monroe only to find a helicopter with high-powered guns looming overhead. The wait ends tonight with Revolution's spring premiere, "The Stand." From the first minute to the last, it's non-stop suspense and action with many heartfelt moments interspersed.

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Spoiler alert: Below contains Revolution spoilers and clips.

After Miles' rejection, Monroe channels his anger towards decimating the rebels and killing her former friend. Now, that he has power, Monroe believes he has "everything." He will use his new resource towards regaining total control over his republic with an eye on conquering the remaining former American territories.

Miles and the group barely escape the initial helicopter attack by hiding inside a restaurant refrigerator. While they attempt to avoid Monroe's forces, the group also has to learn to trust one another. 

Rachel struggles with her decision to give Monroe the amplifier and comes up with a way to help even the fight. Aaron and Miles have difficulty reconciling the Rachel they knew and thought was dead with the Rachel now standing there with them. What exactly was the relationship between Rachel and her brother-in-law?

Nora leads the group to meet up with the rebels to warn them about Monroe's new weapons.  They all work together to put up a fight against Monroe and his helicopters. Miles and Rachel went on a mission of their own to find means to help even the fight.

While the rebels are gearing up for a fight, Neville and Jason have a major disagreement. Jason makes a decision that will forever alter his relationship with his father, which could have far-reaching consequences.

In the spring premiere, many lives will be lost. After a battle between Monroe's forces and the rebels, a significant victory will be won but it comes at a huge cost.

In the final moments of the episode, a visitor arrives to see Monroe by car. And, the mystery behind Rachel is heightened.

Check out a short promo for the Revolution premiere.

Revolution airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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