'Revolution' Finale Recap: Someone Dies and Randall Makes His Move
'Revolution' Finale Recap: Someone Dies and Randall Makes His Move
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Monroe and Team Charlie got into the Tower and Neville put the pieces into motion to take over control of the militia. In tonight's season finale, "The Dark Tower," forces collide at the Tower in the final push to restore world-wide power, and we say goodbye to at least two characters. Read on to find out what the Revolution writers reveal in season 1's final installment.

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Showdown Interrupted

Before Miles and Monroe can duke it out, they are attacked and have to work together in order to survive. Along with Nora, they escape from their attackers, but Miles and Monroe get chucked out of the Tower via an underground water system. As soon as they are alone, Monroe and Miles continue their battle to no real end, as they both avoid every opportunity to kill the other.

After Monroe lands in a tight spot, Miles frees him and tells him to escape while he can. While some fans will be thrilled that Monroe will make it to season 2, I am disappointed that the season-long battle between these two men -- a battle that resulted in countless casualties -- is resolved with a few conversations about eternal brotherly love. How many of Miles' family members does Monroe have to kill before Miles writes him off for good?

Aaron's Purpose

Aaron asks what Grace means when she says they could end the world by turning the power back on, and Grace explains that if Rachel uses the wrong command code on the nanites, they could malfunction and rip apart the cells in their bodies or set the air on fire. Rachel hand-waves Grace's concerns by pointing out that the nanites have already malfunctioned and they need to be shut down. The Tower fighters disagree and will kill every member of Team Charlie if they try to access Level 12.

Determined as ever, Rachel takes matters into her own hands, knocks Grace out and steals her key-card. Aaron turns out to be very vital to Rachel's plan, as he unknowingly wrote the Tower's operating system. Upon examining the code he wrote, Aaron deduces that someone intentionally caused the world-wide blackout, and this viewer rolls her eyes that it took Aaron an entire season to figure this out.

Nora's Sacrifice

After being separated from Miles, Nora meets up with Rachel and the others to help them get to Level 12. But with the Tower fighters blocking their way, Nora has to throw herself into the line of fire in order to clear a path to Level 12. Though the Tower fighters are defeated and Team Charlie is that much closer to Level 12, Nora has been shot.

The group is not far from the infirmary, but they need the key-card to access it and Rachel is not willing to give up her one shot at getting the power back on. She refuses to hand over the key-card, even after Charlie begs for her help in saving Nora. Rachel takes Aaron to Level 12 and Charlie is left alone with a dying Nora.

Miles makes his way back into the Tower and finds Charlie and Nora. Nora tells Miles that Rachel needs his help to get the power back on, but Miles refuses to leave her and makes a last-ditch effort to get her to the infirmary. But since this is the season finale and no one important has been killed yet, they do not make it in time and Nora dies in Miles' arms. Miles and Charlie are devastated by Nora's death, and it is safe to say that Rachel's part in it may have destroyed her relationships with her only remaining family members.
A Change in Management

With Jason's help, Neville takes control of Monroe's men. His plan is to blast his way into the Tower to prevent Rachel from turning the power back on, but Jason will only help if Charlie's safety is guaranteed. Their conversation is tabled when they learn Monroe is out of the Tower and Neville focuses his attention on capturing his former boss.

When Monroe is finally in his custody, Neville makes it clear that power has changed hands and Monroe is no longer in control. Yet thanks to Miles -- and unbeknownst to Neville -- Monroe escapes and heads off for parts unknown.

Neville and his men enter the Tower and force Grace to help them get to Level 12. Neville's forces fight Team Charlie but cannot prevent them from accessing the Tower's control room. Neville then orders his men to blow the door open and kill everyone inside, while Jason stands there in shock, not knowing whether or not to back his father's play. When season 2 rolls around, will Jason stand by his father's side or throw in with Team Charlie?

The Mission Ends

After Nora's death, Charlie and Miles race down to Level 12 and help Rachel and Aaron make it into the control room where they can turn the power back on. With encouragement from Rachel, Aaron executes a shut-down and turns the power back on. As minor characters like Julia, Neville and Kelly Foster react to a newly-powered world, Rachel breathes a sigh of relief that she finally accomplished her goal but also takes note of what it may have cost her.

Before Neville and his men can deal with Team Charlie, Randall arrives and locks himself into another part of the control room. He then reveals that his plan was to take back the East Coast from the Republics because he is a true patriot. To prove his point, he launches missiles at Atlanta and Philadelphia before taking his own life. Rachel and the others look on in horror, unable to stop the missile attack.

Over in the 'United States Colony' of Cuba, a man tells the President that Randall's mission is a success and he can go home now. Who is this President and is he the one who ordered the blackout?

What did you think of tonight's finale? Were you upset by Nora's death? Are you disappointed Monroe survived? Were you shocked by Randall's true purpose? Will you be back for season 2? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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