'Revolution' Recap: Neville Loses His Position, Charlie Loses Her Mom
'Revolution' Recap: Neville Loses His Position, Charlie Loses Her Mom
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week on Revolution, Team Charlie gained a new member and Randall put power back in Monroe's hands. In tonight's thirteenth episode, "The Song Remains the Same", Rachel finally reveals the cause of the black-out and leaves on a dangerous mission to restore power to the world. But why would Rachel abandon Charlie again? Read on to find out what revelations the Revolution writers have in store for us this week.

Neville Lands in a Tough Spot

Monroe sends Neville on a mission to pick up something important. Instead of retrieving Monroe's package, Neville gets captured by Team Charlie and the rebels. They bring Miles back to the rebel base and Rachel wonders why they have not killed him. Miles explains that Neville knows too much and they are going to question him until he breaks.

Miles goes a few rounds with Neville -- Miles throwing punches, Neville throwing insults -- but it yields no results. Things take a turn when Jason -- who has now joined up with the rebels -- arrives to see his father. The Neville men come face-to-face and Neville tries to manipulate Jason into letting him go. When Neville says Monroe will kill Julia if he does not return from his mission, Jason frees his father but it is just a trick to get Neville to give up the destination of his mission.   

Earlier in the episode, Rachel warns everyone that Neville should be not kept alive because a man like that will find a way to escape -- she even goes so far as to try and kill him herself -- but no one believes her. Rachel was right and Neville escapes after most of the rebels leave to locate the item Monroe wants.

Neville rushes back to Philadelphia to save Julia before Monroe learns that Neville was in rebel custody and has them both killed. Julia seems hesitant to leave their life in the Republic but Neville says they have no choice. Will they start their own bid for power? Will they try to reunite with Jason now that doing so will not cost them their lives?

Monroe Wins Again

Charlie, Miles and the other rebels travel to the place where Neville was supposed to meet his contact. When they arrive, Randall is already there and he has taken the package Neville was meant to retrieve. The rebels attempt to detain Randall but fighting ensues and Randall makes his getaway during the chaos. Though they lost Randall and the package, the rebels do learn what Randall was picking up -- a nuclear bomb.

How terrifying is the idea of Monroe with a nuke? Who does he plan to use it against? Or will he simply use the bomb as leverage to keep the rest of the country in-line? And how long will it be before Randall or someone else betrays Monroe and takes the power for their own?

What Caused the Blackout

From the very confusing information Rachel gives Aaron, we know there are little computer-type viruses all around the world that can be programmed to absorb electricity and replicate. The Mathesons' device either created these viruses or reprogrammed them to stop working -- I must confess, this whole explanation went completely over my head -- thus causing the blackout.

Aaron believes they can simply re-program the viruses again and bring power back to the world but Rachel says that is not going to happen. Also, Mama Matheson is not leaving her only living child behind again, not for anything. Denial is a lovely place this time of year so I cannot blame Rachel for wanting to stay there for a while.

Despite Rachel's intent to be part of Charlie's life, tension is still high between the Matheson women and when Rachel realizes that Charlie is starting to adopt Miles' ways of fighting the war, she begins to wonder if she is needed at all. It may be a while before Rachel find outs what influence she can still have on her daughter because as soon as she learns that Monroe got his hands on a nuke, Rachel has no choice but to leave again.

Bittersweet Farewells

Rachel makes it clear that her mission to The Tower is one she will not be coming back from and Miles is not happy about that. Miles tries to convince Rachel to stay and she begs him to take better care of Charlie than he did of her. Instead of saying goodbye, Miles kisses Rachel is a way one does not often kiss their sister-in-law. While it is safe to say the connection between Miles and Rachel has a lot of romantic under-tones, we still do not know what happened between them to cause such delicious angst. Here's hoping the show does not take as long to answer that question as it has to tell us why the power went out.

Though their relationship is still in a rough place, Charlie wants to go with her mother, insisting that she can be an asset to Rachel's mission. But Rachel refuses to take Charlie on this suicide mission, though she has no problem bringing Aaron along. A desperate Charlie asks her mother if there is any chance they will see each other again and Rachel refuses to lie to Charlie, even if that lie could have given her some much-needed comfort. The Matheson family breaks apart once again and we get a sense that Danny might have some company in the afterlife before this season is over.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you satisfied by the reveal of what caused the blackout? Do you think Aaron and Rachel will survive their journey to The Tower? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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