'Revolution' Recap: Is Charlie Wrong to Trust Miles?
'Revolution' Recap: Is Charlie Wrong to Trust Miles?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Where we left off: Team Charlie was down two members as Rachel and Aaron left on a dangerous mission and Monroe acquired a nuclear bomb. In tonight's fourteenth episode, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", Rachel and Aaron continue their journey to The Tower while Charlie and the others try to stop Monroe from destroying the Georgia Federation. Can Team Charlie prevent Monroe from taking more lives? Read on to find out.

Atlanta and Alec

When Miles learns that Monroe sent his bomb to Georgia, he takes Nora and Charlie on a mission to find the nuke, hoping that Nora will be able to disarm it in time. In order to gain entry into the Georgia Federation, Miles and the others will have to pose as GF soldiers. Though they find the appropriate uniforms, Miles realizes that Monroe's men had the same idea and they are already in Atlanta. Miles also realizes that one of those men is someone he knows very well -- his former protege, Alec.

Once they enter Atlanta, it does not take Miles long to find Alec but Alec is still holding a grudge against his old mentor. Back in his militia days, Miles handed Alec over to the enemy in order to prevent a war with Texas and Alec has not forgiven Miles for selling him out. Alec channels that anger into setting Miles up for killing a cop, something Alec hopes will provide a distraction so he can set off the nuke.

A Sane Leader?

Miles is arrested for murder and taken to President Foster, the leader of the Georgia Federation. Miles and the President go way back and she has plenty of reasons not to trust him, but he points out that he is the only person who can stop Alec from using the nuke. Miles manages to do just that but he has to kill Alec in order to save everyone else.

Off-screen, Nora seemingly disarms the bomb and saves the day. Why this moment was not important enough to make it into the episode is beyond me.

President Foster is impressed by Miles' success in destroying the nuke and she wants his help in going after Monroe. Miles says that he does not have the man-power to help Foster in her efforts but Foster is willing to give him the men and weapons he needs to go up against Monroe.

Unlike Monroe, President Foster appears to be a competent leader who genuinely cares about her people. But is it all an act? Does Foster have an ulterior motive in going to war with Monroe? Will she turn on Miles and the rebels once Monroe is out of the picture?

In Other Developments

Monroe is not pleased to learn that Neville and Julia fled the city. He is even less pleased when he learns that Jason is still alive and working with the rebels. Neville's betrayal causes Monroe's paranoia to reach new heights and he murders one of Neville's men on the slim chance he knew something about Neville's deceit. If Monroe keeps this up, will he have any soldiers left? Will Monroe's continued descent into madness give Randall or Neville the opportunity to over-throw him?

In Atlanta, Charlie has a confrontation with Alec after Miles is taken into custody. Alec believes that he and Charlie are alike and he warns her not to trust Miles. Alec also tells Charlie that Miles did something bad to her mother, once again hinting at the complicated history between Miles and Rachel. Charlie tries to ask Miles about said history, but Miles skirts the question and simply says that he hurts the people who rely on him. Will Charlie be the next person Miles fails or will she be the reason he stays on the path to redemption?

Jane's Sacrifice

On their mission to restore power to the world, Rachel tells Aaron they need to find an old friend of hers because she can give them access to The Tower. This friend, Jane, comes in handy when Rachel and Aaron are attacked by militia soldiers and Jane uses a device to kill said soldiers in a very creative and unattractive way.

When they have a moment alone together, Rachel tells Jane that they need to turn the power back on. Rachel needs Jane's help in destroying the nanites but Jane wants nothing to do with Rachel's plan. The nanites are keeping Jane's partner Beth alive and if Rachel destroys them, Beth will die.

When Beth discovers that Jane knew how to turn the power back on and chose not to in order to keep her alive, Beth tells Jane to give Rachel the help she needs. Jane is devastated by the thought of losing Beth but finally hands over the information Rachel will need to complete her mission.

Many fans have questioned why Rachel did not turn the power back on years ago and we finally got an answer in tonight's episode. As we learn through Rachel's talk with Jane, Danny was being kept alive by the nanites and turning them off would have resulted in Danny's death. Rachel has proven time and time again that she will do anything to keep her children alive so it does not surprise me that she chose to leave the power off in order to save Danny's life.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you surprised by Miles' history with Alec? Do you think Rachel will succeed in turning the power back on? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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