'Revolution' Recap: Charlie Finds Danny, Miles and Monroe Face Off
'Revolution' Recap: Charlie Finds Danny, Miles and Monroe Face Off
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Team Charlie finally made it to Philadelphia. In the season's tenth episode, "Nobody's Fault But Mine", the search for Danny (Graham Rogers) finally comes to a close and Monroe and Miles (Billy Burke) have that much-buzzed about confrontation. Read on to find out if Revolution's mid-season finale lives up to expectations.

A Mother-Daughter Reunion, Complicated by Death-Threats

Shortly after arriving in Philadelphia, Miles splits from the group to search for Danny and the others are captured by Neville (Giancarlo Esposito). Neville plans to use Aaron (Zak Orth) and Nora (Daniella Alonso) as bait to trap Miles into revealing himself, while Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is taken to a cell. But that cell has another occupant and Charlie comes face-to-face with Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell). The Matheson family reunion expands to include Danny but before Rachel can delight in seeing her children together again, Monroe threatens to kill them if she does not finish building the amplifier.

Charlie begs her mother not to give in but Rachel agrees to finish the device in order to save her kids. While Rachel is working on the amplifier, Charlie and Danny manage to escape from their cell. Unfortunately, Rachel does not know her kids are about to be rescued so she finishes the amplifier, thus providing Monroe and his people with all the power they need to destroy their enemies.

Always Keep a Hostage Handy

Meanwhile, Miles fails to fall for Neville's trap and takes Neville's wife hostage in an attempt to force a trade. Against Julia's objections, Neville agrees to Miles' deal and releases Aaron and Nora. But Neville cannot deliver Charlie and Danny because they are with Monroe at the power plant. Miles locks Neville and Julia up and the group continues on to rescue Charlie and Danny.

Once inside the plant, Miles and Nora track down Charlie and Danny. Miles and Danny have a mini-reunion before Charlie tells Miles that Rachel is still alive and being held hostage. Miles tells them to get to safety while he goes after Rachel. In yet another reunion, Miles finds Rachel just as she has finished the device, but Rachel is not as happy to see Miles as one might assume. Before their reunion can intensify, Rachel and Miles stumble across Monroe and Miles tells Rachel to run while he provides a distraction.

The Reign of Monroe (and Miles?)

After much worrying about what they would do upon seeing one another again, Miles and Monroe finally have that face-to-face confrontation the show has been building toward for 10 episodes. Said confrontation starts out on an interesting note, with Monroe forgiving Miles for that whole attempted murder thing. Monroe promises Miles that if he returns to the fold, Monroe will let his family live and give Miles whatever he wants. Even after everything, Monroe just wants to hug it out, bro-style.

But Monroe's attempts at reconciliation are wasted, as Miles knows that Monroe is too far gone and his only regret is not killing Monroe when he had the chance. The two men finally come to blows via an impressive sword-fight before Miles makes his escape. Miles leaves with Team Charlie -- plus Rachel and Danny -- but the group is barely away from the plant when a helicopter powers up. The episode ends with Monroe looking over his fleet of newly-powered helicopters, one that is currently pointing its guns at Team Charlie.

Will everyone survive the helicopter's assault? What will Monroe do with all of that power at his fingertips? Will Neville make good on his promise to kill Miles for threatening Julia? And just what kind of history do Miles and Rachel have? We will have plenty of time to ponder these questions, as Revolution will be on an extended hiatus until March.

Will you tune in for the show's return in 2013? What questions do you hope the show addresses in the second half of the season? And were you pleased with tonight's mid-season finale? Let us know all of your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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